SBTA Establishes Committees For Safe Blood Transfusion


Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority (SBTA) has constituted Hospital Transfusion Committees at district level hospitals across Sindh to ensure safe blood transfusion facilities.

SBTA has formed Hospital Transfusion Committees at 29 district level hospitals across the province, which will supervise and ensure the supply of safe blood transfusion facilities in their respective institutions; the notification of these committees has also been issued.

Each committee will be comprised of six members, headed by Medical Superintendent of the district level hospital, while other members would be a surgeon, physician, gynecologist, peadriation and pathologist. Meeting of these committees will be held on monthly basis and later their reports will be sent to Secretary SBTA. The secretary of Sindh blood transfusion authority will furnish these reports to the health secretary.

The Safe Blood Transfusion Program, operating at the federal level, is providing a facilitation and supervisory role, while local expertise is activated and captured and interactive knowledge management processes take place in lieu of traditional external inputs.

The main responsibilities of the SBT program are project implementation and coordination with the donor and provincial partners, development of policy and framework for blood safety reforms and their implementation, development of guidelines – manuals – SOPs, monitoring and evaluation of the project activities and blood safety reforms, blood safety legislation development, enactment and adherence, capacity building program development and implementation, collaboration with International Partners.

The Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority with support of German health support PROGRAM, GIZ had recently organized four training seminars in Karachi, Hyderabad, Jamshoro and Sukkur where all the district level members of hospital transfusion committees participated and got training of new safe blood transfusion procedures.

The goal of the SBT Program is establishment of the core elements of an independent rational structure of a national blood transfusion system that will ensure adequate, efficient and safe blood supply, in a cost effective manner.