Research: Vitamin E can curb memory disorders


A joint research by Finnish and Swedish scientists has shown that the entire vitamin E family plays a role in prevention of age related memory disorders.

The latest research by the University of Eastern Finland Karolinska, Institute of Sweden and some other medical research institutes showed that various forms of vitamin E play a role in memory processes according to a report by the Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat, Xinhua News reported.

The new finding came as previous studies investigating the link between vitamin E and memory disorders usually focused only on a single form of vitamin E namely alpha tocopherol.

According to Dr Miia Kivipelto, director of the research, vitamin E exists in eight different natural forms (fat soluble compounds) and the entire vitamin E family plays a role in protecting against memory disorders not only alpha tocopherol.

Kivipelto said vitamin E supplements available on the market usually contain only alpha tocopherol and the best sources of vitamin E are vegetable oils nuts green vegetables and whole grain cereals.

A balanced diet is the best way to obtain all the eight vitamin E from food, said Kivipelto adding that more varied diet and a healthier lifestyle could efficiently prevent memory disorders among the elderly.

News source: APP