Pizza a go-to for many Americans when stressed


Pizza a go-to for many Americans when stressed. The Harris Poll has conducted a survey into the eating habits of Americans during times of stress and found that 53% admit to eating more when going through a difficult time or stress and 67% say they have a favorite comfort food that they go to for relief.

The Harris Poll, which surveyed 2,252 US adults, found that many Americans turn to pizza when times are tough. Fifteen percent chose it as their top comfort food, which is more than twice as many votes as any other food. Chocolate and ice cream tie for second place with 7% of Americans picking them as top comfort foods in times of stress. Macaroni and cheese and chips round out the top five.

Across demographics pizza is number one except among mature respondents (70+) who prefer ice cream. Women turn to chocolate and ice cream as their second and third choices, while men opt for ice cream and then chips.

Source: AFP