Pakistan Red Crescent paves roads for a healthier Pakistan


Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC), in coordination with religious community, has chartered a plan for preventative healthcare and blood donation advocacy in the country.

The representatives of the managing board of PRC have approved a new strategic initiative to implement a healthy Pakistan drive called ‘Safe and Healthy Pakistan.’ It will adhere to the preventative aspect of healthcare and risk-reduction of diseases and illnesses. They will work with the RC/RC movement, while working alongside the Ittehad Tanzemat-e-Madaris Pakistan (a representative body of all religious school of thoughts) on ‘Charter of Humanity.’

With this drive, they will establish several programs. They will implement the initiation of the road safety program, activate the restoring family link program, initiate the national ambulance service, and establish a national ambulance service college. Through these collaborations and programs, PRC will launch their drive for a safer and healthier Pakistan.

The managing board meeting was chaired by PRC Chairman Dr Saeed Elahi, where he hoped to increase Red Crescent activities especially during peace time. With the help of blood transfusion centers, they will launch the Prisoners’ Blood Donation program, for emergency blood collection in times of major emergencies and disasters.

PRC has updated their motto to reflect their new push to a healthier Pakistan:

“Saving lives, changing minds and uniting people.”