New mobile app helps prevent cardiovascular disease


A leading cardiologist at Mount Sinai hospital, New York, has developed a new, free mobile app to help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Although it is the number one cause of mortality around the world, cardiovascular diseases are largely preventable, with around 90% of heart attacks and strokes occurring as a result of six risk factors: high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, and lack of exercise.

Dr Valentin Fuster, a leading cardiologist and Director of Mount Sinai Heart has developed the free app Circle of Health to track these six factors and help prevent the development of cardiovascular disease.

“This mobile app is for those people who want to improve their health and lifestyle habits including diet, exercise, and others-and it’s also a very useful tool for those that have or have had any heart attack, stroke, or artery disease to gain knowledge on how to reduce their chances of a future event,” says Dr Fuster.

The app, which has been developed by Fundación Pro CNIC, Spain, and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York in collaboration with Wake App Health, evaluates the users health with a questionnaire and measurement of baseline cardiovascular health, before providing the user with information directly from Dr. Fuster about the risk factors, including motivation and tips to help prevent, manage and reduce them, and improve cardiovascular health.

“Knowledge is power and you have to make a commitment to take care of your heart and yourself. It’s that simple,” says Dr Fuster. “Cardiovascular disease can be prevented and you are capable of doing so. You now have the ability for no cost to have a tool in your hand that will help you to follow a healthy lifestyle and protect your heart from the ravages of heart disease.”

With nearly eight billion people around the world now owning mobile phones, Dr. Fuster is hoping that thanks to the growing number of mobiles and smartphones, his app will reach out and empower smartphone users across the world to help prevent the growing problem of heart disease. “Preventing and managing your heart disease should be as simple as reaching into your pocket or briefcase for a little motivation and support from your mobile device,” says Dr. Fuster. “Together you and your mobile device can work together to maintain your own daily Circle of Health.”

The Circle of Health app is now available internationally in both English and Spanish.

The app can be downloaded in the iTunes store or for Android with Google Play.

News source: AFP

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