Markaze Umeed Eid Activity to help special kids celebrate Eid


The center of handicapped or special kids (bacha) arranged an event to celebrate Eid. MNA Kishwer Zehra was also present as the special guest. On this event, many activities were set up which included magic shows and musical gatherings for the children.

According to their website,

“Eid-ul-Azha gives us lesson of sacrifice and sharing from what is given us by Allah. On this blessed occasion, we have planned to celebrate this Eid with God’s most special creation.

And here it is a definite gain for all of us; we’ll gain their smiles,love,prayers & blessings. So dear all why not we all join hands in this noble cause & tell them they are not alone in this world.

We are targeting 150 kids Special Children.

You may support us by your contribution or through your presence

Contribution can be:

1- Juices/Ice creams

2- Refreshments

3- Toys (Tennis Balls)

4- Eid Gifts (150 watches & bangles)

5- Media support

6- Stationary (Charts, Color pencils)

7- Mehendi

8-Face Painting

9: (Funds so that we can buy things for them)”

Previously, the foundation took these children to the zoo to have recreational outing.

Like normal schools, one fine morning of 24th may 2012 all the students of Markaze Umeed under the supervision of their teachers and management staff went to Field trip on Mini Zoo for an energizing tour that make children jovial and refresh.

When it comes to rides and games, children are fond of them, like other children Students of Markaz-e-Umeed made this day full of enjoyment and cheer. In an open area of zoo there were different rides that have been taken by students, bring totally different experience that many of them barely experienced yet. Students intermingle to play different games it was hard to differentiate the class level of students as they were mixed up in such a manner it seems to be a group without class restrictions. It was full fun and bliss that was shown on the face of every student.

Field trip gives students to interact with each other and bring sense of brotherhood, care, and affection among them. They play different games and take round together to see and observe different animals. Filed trip makes them interact with not only friends but also experience different animals rooming around and students show their love and affection towards them especially with new born Pony named Candy. Students show their affection towards candy by touching and playing with her in a playful manner. Field trip interaction enhances that strong bond among students irrespective of their different classes, families and localities that make them all good fellows and friends.

To augment sense of responsibility, help and care among children is the main objective of this trip. Students of special group 4 show extra ordinary sense of responsibility and care for the younger students of Montessori and special group 1.They hold there hands, help them in taking their refreshment, helps them in tie their shoelaces, play with them and become a shield for them in such open environment when animals were roaming around freely. That love, affection and Care shows the compassion and devotion in their hearts for other shows them to be true human being.