Malala on the Ellen DeGeneres Show


Malala Yousafzai is one of the most renowned representatives of Pakistan in the international community. The young girl, who was shot by extremists because of her fight for the right of education for girls like herself around the world, continues to embark on her struggle.

Malala has been an inspiration to many people across the globe, people who are inspirations themselves. She has come to meet numerous important and influential personalities including the likes of Queen Elizabeth II, President Barack Obama, former-footballer David Beckham and so on. She continues to influence people of all ages across the globe.

Her biggest win yet in the eyes of the world – and probably herself too – would be the achievement of the Nobel Prize. She has attained many awards and titles, but the Nobel Prize has become her most valuable honor.

Because of these accolades, she was recently invited on the famous American Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen is a renowned television host, with a huge following.

Ellen began her interview by questioning Malala why she was not angry at the man who shot her and how it was possible for her to let go of the pain and frustration. To this, Malala humbly replied saying,

“I think they made a mistake, because I was fighting for the right of education from the beginning, when Taliban had stopped girls from going to school. But, I had this little bit of fear to what would happen to me. How would I feel if someone attacks me? But after that incident, that attack, that fear just went away. And as I said in my speech at the United Nations, that my weakness, my fear, and my hopelessness died on that day. And I became stronger than before. And now I strongly believe that nothing can stop me, in this mission, in this campaign, of education that girls deserve and right to go to school.”

She went on to say that the love of the people and her family’s unconditional support has made her even stronger than ever to go on and forget all which had happened.

Malala discussed how she recovered after her week-long bout of coma, and how her family and the prayers of people helped her make a faster recovery. She is grateful to her father who has always been there to encourage her motives and her mother to be by her side through her decisions. Her brother was also received with recognition by her, which made Ellen and her audience burst into laughter.

She shared with Ellen how she came to the news of her victory of the Nobel Prize.

“I was in my chemistry class, learning about atoms and all, when my teacher came to tell me that I had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. And I was like, okay.” The crowd laughed as she once again responded like a normal teenage girl to such a huge announcement.

They later conversed about Malala meeting the President of the United States at The White House and how she requested him to stop the drone attacks in Pakistan. She later on also announced the documentary ‘He named her Malala’ based on Malala, which will be released in the United States on October 2nd 2015.

With Ellen, she spoke about how girls in some countries do not even have the basic supplies to receive education and how they are deprived of such a privilege. At this, Ellen concluded her time with Malala, by bidding her off with a step stool (because she felt concerned, as podiums are taller than Malala’s height) and iPads for her students in Lebanon.