Less pain during labour if you eat a small meal


New research shows that healthy women could benefit from eating a light meal during labour, contrary to traditional doctors’ orders.

While women have long been advised to avoid eating or drinking before giving birth to avoid the dangers of aspirating or inhaling food into their lungs, new research says to rethink this.

The study, presented at Anesthesiology 2015 meeting, suggests that improvements in anaesthesia care have reduced the risks related to eating.

The team of Canadian researchers from Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada, pointed out that the risks of aspiration are almost non-existent today, and that the extra calories could help give women extra energy during the birth giving process.

In fact, their research also showed that the energy and caloric demands of labour are comparable to those of a marathon runner.

Eating a light meal adds much-needed calories that could help reduce uterine contractions and longer labour, which can cause emotional stress and contribute to the distress of the foetus.

Source: AFP Relaxnews