Lack of Anesthesiologist, Patients Suffering in Makli Civil Hospital


The lack of anesthesia doctors in Thatta Makli Civil Hospital for the past month has disturbed patients in the operation theater of the Gynecology ward. Thatta and the surrounding Sajawal has a population of 1.3 million, which makes Makli Civil Hospital very important.

More than 50 patients of Makli Civil Hospital were referred to the hospitals in Karachi and Hyderabad due to the absence of the Anesthesiologist.  The patients suffering in Makli Civil Hospital had no other option except to choose some other hospital. An anesthesiologist is an extremely important specialized doctor in a surgical team, as he/she provides pain control during surgeries and post-operative instructions.

The unfortunate people felt very helpless due to the civil hospital crisis. Makli Civil Hospital is the only biggest hospital of Thatta and Sajawal, and it was built only to provide the best health facilities for the residents. More than 50 pregnant women receive operation every 15 days in the Makli Civil Hospital. However, due to the negligence of the Sindh Health Department, the hospital is undergoing through many issues and the problems are not being resolved. Dr. Azra Khaskheli, in-charge of the hospital, says that she has informed the medical superintendent in a written form about this issue but there has been no response.