Komal Aziz Khan–An Inspiration to the Oppressed Pakistani Females


Pakistan – The name evokes a lot of patriotism and a sense of devotion in us. As with everything, where there are pros, there are bound to be cons. Unfortunately, our country seems to have an endless supply of cons. Corruption, terrorism, and poverty among them are at the top of the list.

The problems at the surface are what everyone talks about, but what about the underlying issues that are crippling our society? What about the feudal system, the female oppression, the killing of innocent infant girls, or how justice never really prevails?

Case In Point: Komal Aziz Khan

Case In Point: Komal Aziz Khan

A few days ago actress Komal Aziz Khan claimed that her landlord, Jahanzaib Shahani, mistreated and attacked her and her family. This mistreatment started a year earlier, when they first moved in. The small family of three; Komal, her mother and sister, were in an emotional turmoil because of their father’s death. This is when their landlord decided to take advantage. After a dreadful year of living in the dirty flat and endless inconveniences, they finally decided to move. They asked Jahanzaib for their deposit back but he refused and tried to scare them away.

Komal claimed that Jahanzaib was a defaulter of the Florida Homes apartments, DHA and owed the building Rs. 528,000. This is when Komal decided to leave the flat and asked for her deposit back, which amounted to almost Rs. 62,000. However, Jahanzaib not only refused to return the deposit but also threatened her family of dire consequences.

The oppressor retaliated by cutting off their power supply and demanded the tenants to pay the CBC bills. Ultimately, Komal had to involve the police. An initial agreement was reached. It was decided that Komal and her family will move out of the flat in exchange for the deposit money.

On Wednesday, when the family was to move out of the flat, Jahanzaib’s younger brother refused to pay the deposit money. The argument got out of hand when his brother started beating Komal’s uncle. The police were called to the scene and once they arrived, Jahanzaib fled the scene with his family.

Posted by Komal Aziz Khan on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Komal has filed an FIR against her landlord, but he hasn’t been found yet.

Jahanzaib Shahani Claims Allegations Are False

Jahanzaib Shahani Claims Allegations Are False

Jahanzaib denies these accusations. Instead, he claims that Komal and her family refused to pay the rent which is why they were asked to leave the flat. But all the videos and written proof say otherwise.

Does Justice Exist?

Is this what these women deserve? To be taken advantage of because they don’t have a man living with them? Why can’t females live alone and be respected in our society?

Hats off to Komal and her family for standing up to her oppressors. Many times in the name of respect females are told to keep quiet, while the culprit goes off free. Komal and her family went against all odds and took a stand against Jahanzaib. While they knew they would be in danger, they still went to the media and informed them. Komal and her family are an inspiration to all.