Indian surgeons visit Ziauddin Hospital: Liver medical camp set under ‘peace clinic’ program


On Monday, doctors from Dr Ziauddin University, Karachi and Medanta Hospital, Haryana, India set up a ‘liver medical camp’ in the Ziauddin Hospital under its “peace clinic” program.

While speaking at Dr Ziauddin Hospital ZH, a renowned Indian counterpart, showed keen interest in training the paramedics and doctors of Ziauddin Hospital – Dr Avinder Singh Soin, the boss liver transplant specialist from Medanta Healing facility, was likewise eager to encourage Pakistani patients. He included that other Indian specialists in Medanta Clinic were likewise eager to direct surgeries in Pakistan.

The Medanta Hospital, which has state of the art facilities and is one of the largest liver transplant institutes in the world, is the newest entrant in the ‘peace clinic’ program, a platform which allows doctors from India to share their expertise in areas of liver or kidney transplant. The program is headed by Dr Asim Hussain, chairman Ziauddin Hospital and Naved Aslam, who is heading the project.

The new entrant in the program is facilitating Dr Ziauddin Hospital – ZH in setting a kidney/liver ward. The ward would be run under the supervision of Dr Avinder Singh Soin and fellow doctors from Medanta Hospital via latest IT support.

In February, this year, the Apollo hospital of India conducted joint surgeries at Dr Ziauddin Hospital, through the same platform of “peace clinic”, with collaboration from doctors of both countries.

Dr Ziauddin is the only hospital, which had taken the initiative of addressing transplantation issues in Pakistan by bringing globally-recognized doctors to the hospital, informed Dr Anoop Dawani, medical superintendent at Dr Ziauddin Hospital.

“The project can bring a revolution in the field of medicine, benefiting the Pakistani patients, who would be able to avail the highest standard of treatment in Pakistan.”