First Pakistani Female Cyclist to Reach K2 Base Camp on a Bicycle


Experienced mountain biker and adventure athlete, Samar Khan has become Pakistan’s first-ever female cyclist to reach the K2 base camp on a bicycle.

She announced her record-breaking achievement through her Instagram post last week, where she has been regularly updating her followers about her journey and experience. The final destination of her quest was at ‘Chogori’, an unofficial local name for K2, the highest peak in the world.

On one of her Instagram videos, she shared her experience stating, “Ride to K2 basecamp has been a life-transforming journey & a real test of my abilities. To reach higher & higher, pushing more as the oxygen levels drop, with injuries & stiffness, in rain & snowfall made me more resilient.”

Samar Khan has a history of successful cycling adventures in mountains; she is the first Pakistani to summit Mount Kilimanjaro and the Biafo glaciers in the Karakoram Range on a bicyle.

Apart from documenting her journey to K2 Base Camp, she shared why she wanted to cycle her way to the mountain on a bicycle. She explained, “Because, bicycling should be the way to commute around mountains, to cut our carbon footprint and to preserve our natural assets like glaciers and peaks.”

Samar Khan didn’t not only share her journey through her Instagram posts but also addressed many irrelevant theories, queries, and shared important details like – she paddled few kilometers around stages like Jula, Paijo, Urdukus, Ghoro2, Godwin Austin Glacier, and that a porter helped in technical areas like rivers, crevices & land sliding areas.

She concluded her quest with a motivational quote stating, “Your limited mindset doesn’t define other’s strength & courage! So, keep your excuses & limitations to yourself.”

We are proud of you Samar Khan!


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