Crackdown in Karachi: 63 clinics shut down


Upon the directives of Commissioner Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, about 63 clinics were sealed and 14 quacks were arrested a couple of days ago in Karachi.

Surprisingly, the health department was not involved in this crackdown, even though it is the main administrative body assigned to take care of these issues.

All deputy commissioners of different areas in Karachi were asked to start a campaign against fake and inexperienced doctors, in every nook and corner of the city. The directive also stated that quacks are the plague of humanity and should be arrested and locked up on a daily basis, in order to stop their business. It was also added that a weekly report of the progress made should be sent to the commissioner’s office, so that there is transparency.

All officers have been directed to keep an eye-out for smaller clinics in slum areas, which are most susceptible to such sham doctors and to arrest all who are unable to provide concrete evidence of their qualifications.

The commissioner also urged the medical fraternity, especially trained doctors and nurses, to become a part of this mission and to help the government by letting them know if there were any quack doctors that they were aware of.

Valuing the strides taken by the organization, hostile to deception board of trustee’s secretary Dr Abdul Ghafoor Shoro said that a broad crackdown is needed against quacks. “The campaign should continue for a long time,” he urged.