Civil Hospital, Khairpur: Patients deprived of basic medical facilities


Patients in Khairpur are not being provided with proper medical facilities or availability of medicines at the Civil Hospital, which is leading to a major health crisis in the area.

Even though every year medicines are provided to the hospital according to its quota, patients are only given primary drugs for free, such as Disprin and Panadol; if they require other medications, they are told to go and buy it from private pharmacies outside the hospital. What happens to the rest of the medicines provided to the hospital is still unresolved. The MS, Mr. Jafar Soomro, had no clue about this issue when Health TV approached him.

This is taking a toll on patients who cannot afford to buy expensive medicines.

On the other hand, there is a huge cleanliness management issue in Civil Hospital. Heaps of garbage is found in various places around the facility and this make it extremely dangerous for patients, as it can become a breeding ground for fatal diseases.

After taking notice of the absence of doctors from the hospital, the un-hygienic conditions and the lack of medical facilities, political and social organizations in Khairpur have filed a complaint to the management of the hospital and have urged it to mend its ways.

But so far, this outcry seems to have fallen on deaf ears.