British company retracts funding of Thatta Dyslexia Center: Patients deprived of medicines


Civil Surgeon Dr Abbas Gopang says that the dyslexia center in Thatta is suffering from hardships and is currently in an unstable condition. Funds are required to run this center on daily basis.

The center was founded in 2012 by Dr Abdul Wahid Soomro, the former MNA of Pakistan Peoples Party with the help of a British company. It was running with two shifts regularly but for reasons unknown the British company stopped funding the center. Due to this, the district administration had to find other ways to fund the center.

The staff has faced problems such as delay in salaries and lack of medications. However, they have not stopped doing their work, keeping the greater good in mind. Although the dyslexia center is getting little funds, the district administration is still providing support for medicines and staff salaries.

This is the only center in the district of Thatta to provide support for patients with dyslexia. People from nearby places come to this center for treatments. If, in any case, the center gets shut down, people in the district and nearby areas will face many serious problems.