Bird Flu Spreads Through Birds’ Migration


According to the scientists, the major reason of the spread of bird flu worldwide is the migration of birds. They have noted that this epidemic in birds would become common in the near future.

According to researchers in Netherlands, the dangerous form of bird flu found in Britain’s bird farm back in 2014 had spread via the wild birds of Russia. Experts have said that although this form of bird virus was not harmful for humans directly, wild birds that migrate at long distances should still be kept under observation. Last year, a bird flu, H5N8 was recorded in Britain, Russia, East Asia, North America and 4 countries of Europe, which destroyed several thousand poultry farms. The experts have noted that this epidemic in birds can spread again and mostly in countries where no precautions in advance have been taken. Although bird flu does not affect human health directly, this disease needs to be reviewed in detail.