Amir Khan visits Lyari


By establishing an extensive network of academies all over the country, Amir Khan vows to help Pakistan in producing “champion boxers.”

Amir Khan, who became the youngest British Olympic Boxer to win a medal (silver) at Athens 2004, is highly optimistic that Pakistan can produce boxers of international standards if given the proper training and guidelines.

On his tour to Pakistan, Amir recently visited Lyari in Karachi. The area – which is widely known for its violence – is certainly a hub of talent as far as sport activities are concerned.

The British boxer plans to inaugurate boxing institutions in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa (K-P), the province of Punjab and in the southern city of Karachi. Speaking to the media, the world renowned boxer said,

“I think we have the talent to produce champions when it comes to boxing. I have vowed to the nation that I will pay it back through whatever I have achieved in the sport of boxing.”

Holding a record of 31 wins, Amir was really optimistic on the prospect of visiting Lyari. He expressed that,

“I am here [in Lyari] to meet potential champions and I have no fear of anything. We will beat terror and produce boxers of top and immense quality.”

Amir Khan visits Lyari and showed keen interest in training the boxers and said,

“I will pass all the tricks and knowledge to them and will do my best to help them qualify for the mega event (Olympics).”