Aaima Asad makes the nation proud


Aaima Asad of Pakistan College of Law has achieved the highest first class LLB (Hon.) degree in the World for 2014-2015 from the University of London International Program with six distinctions.

She is currently teaching at Pakistan College of Law. She has a passion for academics, reading and writing and after obtaining a Master’s degree she wishes to pursue a career in corporate law.

She achieved her first distinction in the very first year of the program with 85%; she obtained the diploma in law from the university in the same year. She received two more distinctions in her second year in the subjects Islamic Law and Laws of Trust in Pakistan. She secured three distinctions in her final year to achieve the first class degree.

She states that she had never been a studious person, but her achievement in the first year made her realize her potentials and she became attentive towards college lessons. Her success made her drive for more – by the end of her second year she was only focused on getting the highest first class degree.

In a comment on her recent success, Aaima wrote,

“The key to success is taking the first step. No one knows what the future holds. When one makes a decision the outcome may be a disaster or conversely it may turn out to be the best possible choice you could have made. The future is yet to be set in stone but passion, ambition, determination and perseverance are the few tools one must keep in their arsenal to allow them to achieve victory in the uphill battle that they will undoubtedly have to face.”

She urges all the students who are seeking for a career to fully understand what they are entering into before they get their hands on the advanced books.

“If you try to run before you can walk, you will fall flat on your face and fail in your endeavors regardless of how much effort you put in, if the effort was not directed at the appropriate tasks.”

She wrote that she had made her experience public in the hopes that her insight would provide others with some guidance in finding their own way.