17-Year Old Muhammad Shaheer Niazi Makes Pakistan Proud


We, as a nation, are always criticized for one issue or another. In the middle of all the negative issues rises a Pakistani teenager, Muhammad Shaheer Niazi, with his remarkable scientific work on ‘Electric Honeycomb.’

Muhammad Shaheer Niazi has claimed international praise for his visualization of electric honeycomb. It’s a phenomenon that can be used in heating, printing, and biomedicine technology.

The young scientist’s story was featured in The New York Times on Thursday.

Meet Muhammad Shaheer Niazi

An avid admirer of physics and astronomy (As per his Twitter account bio)

17-Year Old Muhammad Shaheer Niazi Makes Pakistan Proud

He was a participant in the International Young Physicists’ Tournament, where he demonstrated the phenomenon using photographic evidence. He photographed the shadows formed by the ion’s wind. His work was published in the Royal Society Open Science, a reputable journal that covers research in the fields of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science.

Scientists had known about this phenomenon for decades. However, it is the first time that someone has proved this theory.

Electric Honeycomb

The NYT said, “An electric honeycomb results when electrically charged particles emitted from a pointy electrode to reach a flat one. However, the charged particles are stripped off because of the high voltage. They are embedded in a layer of oil, interrupting their path of movement.”

Overtime sufficient number of ions accumulate on the oil layer. This allows them to pass through the layer and reach their target electrode.

The NYT further added, “A hexagonal pattern forms as the natural forces labor to keep the electric charge moving when the circuit is interrupted.”

Shaheer with his instruments
Shaheer with his instruments

Praise for the Genius

A physicist at the University of Seville (Spain), Dr. Alberto T. Pérez Izquierdo, thinks that it is remarkable for a young scientist to bring forth such astonishing results. Niazi’s work puzzled him for he had never explored the effect of temperature changes. Theoretically speaking, he expected subtler results. However, Niazi’s work shows otherwise.

Dr. Alberto is famous for his 1997 work on the same subject. His research is the main inspiration behind Niazi’s work.

The international claim is not all that this young scientist is getting. The nation is proud of his talent too and the story has made quite a stir on the social media. From newspapers to politicians and famous institutions to general public, everyone is applauding Niazi’s work.

A Bright Future Awaits Us

As long as talent is present in addition to hard work and commitment, Pakistan’s future certainly looks bright. Muhammad Shaheer Niaz hopes to earn a Nobel Prize by further evaluating the ‘Mathematics of Electric Honeycomb effect’. Kudos to this young brilliant mind!

We are expecting great things from this shining star.