12-year-old smarter than Albert Einstein


Nicole Barr from England has received a maximum score on the Mensa IQ test, two points above Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

Nicole and her father attempted the test, few weeks back and received the result, 162, on Thursday. Her score has placed her in the brightest 1% on this planet. She has been added to the society’s ‘Elite group’, Mensa International, which is the world’s oldest ‘high IQ society’.

Her father informed the British Media that he and Nicole had attempted the test for fun as Nicole enjoyed such activities – the family was surprised to hear that she had received such a high score and even more surprised when they realized it was two points above the legendary scientists.

The girl showed signs of an intelligent child from an early age. Even before the age of two, she used to do complicated calculations in her mind and by two she started playing with Nintendo puzzles. At the age of ten, she was solving complicated algebra. Though she spends a lot of time doing mental exercises, solving problems and reading books, she gives an equal time to physical activities – she plays soccer, is currently acting in a play and enjoys singing.

Her father informed a British tabloid that he had always felt proud of his daughter, regardless of the results she has obtained.