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Trending news is one of the vital parts of HTV. We keep our audience completely updated with the most recent on-going updates of health sector, health news, fashion industry, latest news related to style and beauty, social causes and every other aspect of your healthy life.

We throw a glimpse of the events and activities that take places 24/7 throughout the country. The happening of events related to the health, all kinds of health updates on divergent core areas can be witnessed at a glance on our page.

We keep you simply updated with all the latest health news including the world of fashion industry, tips that are beneficial for maintaining a healthy work-life, tips that can benefit you in revitalizing your personality, how to keep balance in the diet plan, what are the precautions that need to be adapted in order to refrain from health disorders and maladies news in urdu. At HTV, health news and updates with respect to the effective and long-lasting treatment for all kinds of diseases and find a doctor or suggestions are adhered in its true spirit.