Watch Out For These Pregnancy Related Diseases

4 health conditions to look out for when you are expecting


Pregnancy can be one of the most awe-inspiring and happiest times of your life, particularly if you are a first-time mom. Just the thought of holding your precious little bundle of joy in your arms sends thrills of pure delight right into your heart. By the way, congratulations! If you are worried about pregnancy related diseases that could afflict you, this article will help ease most of your fears and give you the relevant information to help you make healthy decisions.

Read on to find out which pregnancy related diseases you need to look out for!


One of the serious pregnancy related diseases is preeclampsia. It is when mothers develop very high blood pressure. This can cause serious harm to the mother by damaging her kidney and liver. The fetus develops very slowly and can die in the womb if the condition persists. The common sign is high blood pressure, urine with nitrogen and edema on face, legs and hands.

Watch Out For These Pregnancy Related Diseases

If the problem is detected late and the due date is close, doctor will suggest getting the baby out early. If not, then rest, get regular checkups and reduce your salt intake.

Forward Placenta

A forward placenta is when the baby is not positioned properly and does not stick to all the walls of the uterus. This means that the placenta will be on the front of the fetus when baby is being born. This is a serious issue and can become a health risk for both mother and the baby. This situation occurs either in the third month of the pregnancy or the last three months. With the advanced technology, majority of the times doctors are able to detect the problem and provide relief.

For most women cesarean is suggested so that both mother and child can be kept safe from any fatal condition.

Gestational Diabetes

A kind of blood sugar problem that only occurs during pregnancy, gestational diabetes can become hazardous if not treated in time. It can induce early labor and keep the baby from gaining weight while it’s in the placenta. The problem is relatively normal and is generally detected easily.

Watch Out For These Pregnancy Related Diseases1

Doctors either give vaccination to the mothers or ensure that they are aware of the condition. Mothers are asked to not gain too much weight because that only enhances the diabetic condition.

Preterm Labor

If the labor pains start before the end of 37 weeks, then it is known as preterm labor. For most women if the 35th week has ended, things go pretty smoothly. Even if the baby is a little unhealthy, everything is alright.

But if the you feel labor before the 35th week, then you will need to go into emergency as doctors will give you medicine and suggest some bed rest to ensure timely labor.

If you fear you have any of these pregnancy related diseases, get in touch with your doctor immediately.

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