How To Care For A Premature Baby

The essentials for the first few weeks


Premature babies are tiny, delicate and require extra care from people around them because they came a little earlier than normal. Parents of preterm babies remain find it difficult to ensure absolute safety and perfect health of their little ones. It is not impossible, you too can do it with just some tips and tricks. Here is all you need to know about how to nourish and bring up your premature baby.

Premature Baby Care

Babies who are born before the 37th gestation week are called preemies or premature.

How To Care For A Premature Baby

Yes there is some risk involved, but rest assured, you as a mother have an instinct about your baby and you can give them the best care they need. The one most important thing you need to do is have faith in your love. Your baby will, within a short span of time, become just like any other baby. They are small and weak now, but with care, they will grow just perfectly.


If the doctor says your little one needs neonatal intensive care unit, then please don’t rush them into releasing the baby.

How To Care For A Premature Baby

Your little one may not have fully functioning internal organs and the doctor is the only person who can deal with this at the hospital. Once the doctor marks your baby safe, then you can bring your bundle of joy home.

Kangaroo Care

There have been quite a few studies that show kangaroo care helps in helping the baby heal and develop quickly and effectively.

How To Care For A Premature Baby

What you need to do is lay down the baby on your bare tummy. Make sure the baby is also bare chested. As per research the warmth from a mother warms up the baby too and lets them feel secure and safe.


Breastfeed is ideal for babies.

How To Care For A Premature Baby

Your milk contains agents that make sure your baby is properly nourished and remains safe from dozens of diseases. Your premature baby will have some problem latching on. Be sure to ask the nursing staff at the hospital to help you with this. Keep in mind that this may take some practice but your little fighter will soon learn. The more they suck, the more milk your body will produce.

If they are unable to suck, doctors recommend expressing milk and giving through either a spoon or small baby bottle.

Keep them Warm and Clean

Preemies are at the risk of infections more than normal term babies.

How To Care For A Premature Baby

This means you have to be extra careful with their diaper changing and bathing. Also do not allow anyone with unclean hands to pick up the baby. Once the baby has been bathed, they need to be swaddled and kept warm. Your preemie still remembers the days from the womb and prefers warm environment.

Exude Positivity and Express It

This is a must because babies are very perceptive to their mother’s moods.

How To Care For A Premature Baby

Don’t think that your baby will not pick up on you stress and anxiety. So relax and cuddle your baby. Play with them and caress them. They love it when they hear your voice and feel your touch.

Your premature baby will soon be just like any other baby. Only the first three months are a tad bit tough. Good luck!

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