When does Breastfeeding Stop Hurting?


Breastfeeding can be one of the most difficult experiences for most new mothers. Since babies need food often, they tend to be attached to your breasts for a major part of the day. This results in dry and parched nipples which become sore, red and cracked. Hence the reason why the strongest of women tend to break down when it comes to feeding their little angels.

The question that comes to mind though, is this: does the pain ever end while you are breastfeeding? Here are some answers for you pained mothers out there!

The Art of Breastfeeding

When does Breastfeeding Stop Hurting?3

Other than the very first few days, breastfeeding is not supposed to hurt at all, not if your baby and you are doing it the right way. As mentioned above, the first few days it is painful because you are not used to it. Since the baby feeds 2-3 hours straight sometimes, this gives way to nipples that turn red and sore. Some women’s breasts become so painful that they even start bleeding.

But again, it needs to be stressed that this happens for say 10-15 days only. Once your baby learns how to suckle and also fixes his/her times of feedings, you get some relief.

If you continue to hurt even after a fortnight, you need to see your lactation consultant or gynecologist. Your baby may not be latching properly, or your breasts may have blocked milk ducts or mastitis.  

Latching Issues

There are times when a baby is not latching on or taking the nipple in mouth properly. Proper latching is when the baby not simply takes the tip in their mouths, but the entire areola or the brown part.

If your baby wasn’t thatching properly and that was causing pain, you will notice the difference immediately. Pain will reduce drastically.

Take help from your doctor is you are unable to do it yourself. Don’t suffer the pain in silence!


This is a condition where the milk ducts get blocked because of excessive milk production. If you have been going through this, you might need medication.

For most women, hot compress to the breasts helps in unblocking. Try it but if that too doesn’t work, see your gynecologist immediately.

Yeast Infection or Thrush

This is another problem that can cause so much pain. If the pain is a type of burning sensation or soreness, it might be thrush. Get to a doctor ASAP! Don’t think that the yeast infection will go away on its own.

You will need some medication for the condition to get better and the sooner you get treatment the better.

Lanolin Ointments

When does Breastfeeding Stop Hurting?1

These are easily available in pharmacies and are best for irritation and soreness.

Make sure you apply them immediately after feeding session is done and wipe them off before feeding your baby again.

Breastfeeding is tough, but think how much it is benefiting your baby. Also it is the perfect opportunity for you to bond with your angel. Relax and chill while your baby feeds. Be sure to drink milk and lots of water for good milk production.

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