5 Pregnancy Complications to Look Out For!


Pregnancy is undoubtedly the most exciting and scary time for parents, particularly if it is the first time. Both mom and dad are exhilarated at the idea of having their own little one to love and play with. But with this joy comes a lot of fears, particularly that of losing the baby. Have you recently conceived? Scared of what pregnancy problems you may need to pay attention to? Here are 5 pregnancy complications that you need to keep an eye out for.

1.      Cramps with Heavy Bleeding

Cramping and spotting is common during the first few weeks of pregnancy, and it could be nothing more than implantation bleeding. If the cramping gets worse and bleeding becomes heavy, then you need to take immediate preventive measures. It could be a miscarriage or the onset of one.
If this happens to you and the bleeding does not stop in a few hours, get in touch with your doctor immediately. They will tell you what can be done or if there is any way to save the pregnancy. Keep in mind that if miscarriage occurs this early on, it is an indication of an abnormal pregnancy.

2.      Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is one of those pregnancy complications that is indicated through sharp abdominal pains. This is another thing that needs to be taken into consideration.
5 Pregnancy Complications to Look Out For!
This is an abnormal pregnancy, also called as tubal pregnancy as it occurs in one of the fallopian tube. This pregnancy needs to be terminated as its continuation could burst the tube and cause internal bleeding.

3.      Preeclampsia

Affecting 5% of pregnant women, preeclampsia is when you are diagnosed with high blood pressure and abnormal levels of protein in liver, kidney that comes out in urine. This is mostly diagnosed after 20 weeks of pregnancy and can be serious if not managed in time. Most pregnant women are able to deliver normally with ease if they are treated in time.

4.      Low Amniotic Fluid Supply

The amniotic sac is one where the baby grows. It contains a fluid which provides oxygen and all nutrients to the baby. If this amniotic fluid reduces drastically it can be fatal for the baby. This is another pregnancy complication that can be easily managed so long as it is found out in time. Doctor monitors the mother closely and gives medications to up the amniotic fluid.

5.      Gestational Diabetes

5 Pregnancy Complications to Look Out For!
Even though it’s a serious condition, it can be monitored and controlled. It is mostly discovered somewhere between 24-28 week when glucose screening is done. With diet, exercise and sometime medication, glucose levels can be kept under control and baby be delivered healthy and happy.
So don’t stress and keep these few things in mind to protect yourself from pregnancy complications. Your baby will be with you in no time. Happy motherhood!

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