World Suicide Prevention Day: The act is never the solution


Every 40 seconds on the clock, there is a person out there in the world that dies of committing suicide. Every 41 seconds, someone is trying to make sense of what happened. Is life so hard to live that you find yourself, to want to be dead and take action upon it?

They say “where there is a will, there is a way.” However on this year’s World Suicide Prevention Day, I am here to tell you, that one should not have such a poor ‘will’ no matter what the reason and taking your own life is never the solution.

World Suicide Prevention Day began to create awareness on September 10 every year. This is held to bring together the world to initiate a worldwide commitment and action to preventing suicides from taking place. Various activities and events are held around the world to make this day more active. The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) teams up with The World Health Organization (WHO) and World Federation Mental Health to host this day. The United Nations have also played a role in this by issuing a ‘National Policy for Suicide Prevention’ in the 1990s, to which some countries have permanently set them as their basis for their suicide policies.

The impact of this day is to talk about how to reduce this tangent of shame towards even discussing about having suicide prevention openly in a safe manner. It is to stand up about this issue and have a positive remark on the mindset of those that are suffering or have suffered to lead a better mental health and feeling secured. Most importantly, it is to self-inform and bring about knowledge as to how you can support, provide help, give services or even find services to all those who are contemplating suicide or those who have been affected by a loved one’s own demise.

The recent incident of two teenage lovers taking their lives went viral on social media. The teenagers had written letters stating, that they were in love and due to the fear of being separated by their parents, they decided to not live in this world anymore. What is ludicrous is that these kids, who have seen zero grounds of real life struggles, decided one day to pull the trigger believing that they might be together wherever they end up.

One of the worst incidents is of the suicide bombers or shooters that come across in the news. Not only are they taking their own lives but ending others against their will.

This is why a day is needed so desperately throughout the world, so that such incidents don’t take place, and to inform all individuals that there is at least ONE person in the world or your community you can talk to.

Individuals come up with unbelievable reasons to come to a sad ending to their life. A survey showed that suicide has become the most common death way for young adults aged 15-24. These days, more people have to say the cause of death is suicide rather than murder, war or natural death.

Families, friends, or even the communities – of individuals who take their life – are all touched in their own way of pain. One can never be too sure as to why people find themselves so vulnerable that they end up taking a blessing of life and ending it, while others fight for it in hospital beds or even wars.

On the other hand, one can wonder what courage it takes to end your own life and be satisfied with whatever reason you have.

But, at the end of the day I ask everyone, is this not a selfish act?

Life is a gift to us given by the Almighty. Each day that our eyes open to a new morning is something to be grateful of every single day. Where people are striving to live another day, it is unfair to them, that there are people who are so ungrateful to the days they have, to end them by their own hands. I request everyone, to never make this a choice no matter how bad things go or what may occur. Let life go its natural flow.