Why I visit SIUT every year to celebrate Eid


Eid is a day when we gather with our family and friends. It is a time of dressing up in those clothes you shopped for during Chaand Raat, scrumptious foods, hug-athons and of course a lot of Eidi. Every Muslim who fasts believes that Eid is a gift from Allah and that we have a right to celebrate and enjoy this day. What we don’t realise is that there are people out there who have just as much right to do celebrate as us, but sadly they can’t partake in such happy festivities.

They love Eid as much as we do but the lack of resources and, in some conditions, good health doesn’t allow them to celebrate this day.

If you can take out a little time from your dawaats and Eid-selfies, you can make their Eid special as well. You can be the reason of their smile.

You think it’s not that easy? We used to think the same – until we actually went out and did it.

Back in 2009, my siblings and I decided to do something to make our Eid more purposeful. After a suggestion or two, we decided to visit the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) to celebrate Eid with the children in the paediatric ward. After that one visit, my siblings and I decided to make it into a tradition and we have been going to SIUT for the past six years now.

This is our seventh year.

We chose SIUT because it was easily accessible for us and we knew that the patients in the institute are not very well off. During the month of Ramadan, we collect donations from our family members and friends. Keeping in mind the budget and number of children in the paediatric ward, we buy presents and snacks for the kids. Initially, we started off small but this year we have managed to collect the most amount of money.

We go to SIUT with our boxes full of presents and we return with smiles; smiles that stay with us throughout the year. We not only distribute toys as presents but we teach and play the toys with them. We spend our day talking and playing with the kids in the hospital.

Back in 2013, a little girl, who had been at SIUT for three years, told us that she had been waiting for us all day.

This is why we go back every year. The feeling of seeing their happy faces is out of this world!

Each year brings with it a different experience, a different child, a different smile and a different kind of fulfilment. It brings an irreplaceable feeling. These children show us the true meaning of life. They know they cannot go home to celebrate Eid but they still dress up. They know they are going to spend most of their life in the hospital, yet they still smile.

This year is no different, and we will visit these children and see those smiles again. What will you do this Eid?

Can’t think of anything big?

That’s no problem. It doesn’t have to be big. Buy a cone of mehndi (henna) and make a flower on the palms of the little girls you see on the street. Give them churdiyan (bangles) or buy some mithai (sweets) and distribute it in the nearest slum area.

Remember one thing: You don’t have to be a part of an NGO to do something good for others. Do whatever you can. Your Eid is going to be sweeter if you share it with others.

Ramadan is the month of charity but charity shouldn’t stop there. It is common to donate to a masjid, or to finally give those 10 rupees to the beggar on the street. But there a few who think about others and do more on the day of Eid.

Make your Eid special by making someone else’s Eid special.

Eid Mubarak everyone!