The Magic of The Chair Pose


Yoga positions are nurturing and pleasing, showing you the gates of relaxation. Utkatasana – the chair pose is easy and direct, effortless to engage in. it is like indulging in a stress relieving deep squat which develops pelvic power as the professionals say.

Utkatasana, a beginner`s yoga lesson, takes its name origin from the Sanskrit. The procedure builds strength, harmony and peace within the human body. Major muscles worked are the hamstrings, spinal and frontal thigh muscles.

It focuses primarily on the anterior lower leg muscle`s strength. The literal meaning of the word Utkatasana is ` wild, fierce or chair’ pose. Utkatasana is known to reduce flat feet, strengthen calm, spine and thigh muscles, activates the heart and lungs and extends back and shoulder muscles. However, the practice should be put to a halt in conditions of headache, insomnia and low Blood pressure.

Here, power means assimilating all energy from surroundings within your body. The idea of Utkatasana is keeping the body in central harmony with extended legs, openness of heart and liberty of mind while power is incorporated in the pelvic region.

This yoga practice is a perfect way of developing strength and stamina in the legs for further poses. Next time you begin your yoga session try starting off with this stress reliever.

Feel empowered, independent and free with Utkatasana

Utkatasana engages the body in an inward feeling of power and independence. The ease with which the body engages itself in the act of sitting on imaginary chair induces a feeling of strength from within.

Utkatasana is not as difficult as other yoga poses; it is friendly, easy and beneficial practice especially for the yoga beginners.

The benefits are great and it includes strengthening your ankles, spine, thighs and calves. It stretches out your shoulders and chest. Most of all, it stimulates your diaphragm, heart and organs in your abdomen.

Getting started!

Here is how the beginners can get started with Utkatasana! A little tip for the starters is to perform the act by taking support from the wall. Stick your back from the wall near the tail bone.

If you want to increase the strength of thighs keep a book between the thighs during the pose. The main focus of this exercise is thigh muscles. Women suffering from menopause or muscle cramping during their period can fully utilize this easy yoga pose. Utkatasana is a way to shape up your lower back muscles.

Step one: Stand in chair position and extend your hands upwards perpendicularly by keeping the hands parallel to each other bringing them together slowly until the palms join. The whole process in carried during deep inhalation.

Step two: Bend down in a way that upper thighs remain parallel to the floor and front torso makes a 90 degree angle with the upper thighs. Press the thigh bones towards the floor. At this point the knee is protruding outwards.

Step three: Push the shoulder blades towards the back, keeping them straight. Keep extending the lower back while keeping the tailbone towards the floor.

Step four: Maintain this pose for 30 seconds to one minute and then extend your arms sideways in chair position. Finally exhale and bring your body out of Tad asana.

To be more comfortable in this chair yoga pose, bring your hands to the top of your thighs and place your palms in between both thighs. Push your thighs towards your heels, so that you feel your heels digging deep into the floor. Once you feel the pressure on your thighs, lift your sitting bones (bones that are directly under the flesh of your buttocks) towards your pelvis.

If you want to make it easier, you can perform this pose near a wall. Keep your back close to the wall, but not touching it. Only when you bend into position, your tailbone (just the top of the buttocks) should be supported by the wall.

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