Melt Your Stress Away with the Fire Log Pose


Agnistambhasana, or in simpler terms, the fire log pose, might sound like a difficult one, but if you follow the below mentioned procedure, you can surely master it. After all, yoga is an art, and practice makes perfect. Just as the logs and the kindling are the preparations of fire, so too is your yoga mat, and your mind and body. It also known as double pigeon pose.

Practice this Technique

As always, we will go about the entire exercise step by step for a better understanding.

Step 1

Get hold of a blanket, thickly fold it, maybe twice to get an approx. 6 inch support, or alternatively a Yoga block can effectively be put to use for support. Now after the necessary arrangements have been made, like always get seated at one of the edges. You are now required to gently lift up your shoulders and press upon the back with the lower tips of your shoulder blades.

Step 2

Now comes the tricky part folks, but with a little concentration you shall do it perfectly. Bend your knees. Pull both of your legs inwards towards the pelvis. Once done with this slip in the left leg under the right leg and let it lay on the floor, with your foot at a perfect 90 degrees to the floor. Placing the right leg on top of the left one, again with your sole perpendicularly placed over your left thigh marks the end of this step.

Step 3

We are not done yet, depending upon the flexibility in your hips, you can add on to the difficulty level by slipping in the left leg under the right leg, making both the legs parallel to each other. If unable to do so let it lay besides the right hip.

Step 4

Maintaining the above mentioned position, place your hands in front of your shins. Elongate your spine while inhaling and bring your chest close to the ground using groins as a pivotal point while exhaling, this helps stretching the groins and hips.

Step 5

Notice how your upper body lengths when inhaling keeping the spine lengthened. Deeper folds are advised with every exhalation, resultantly decreasing the distance from the floor incrementally with every breath.

Step 6

To dismantle the pose, you are advised to hold on to the pose for at least 1 minute, lengthen the torso while inhaling and unfold the legs. Repeat the above mentioned course by altering with the legs for almost the same amount of time with each of the legs.

Benefits of Fire Log Yoga

All this boils down to a very relaxed body, relieving anxiety, tension and stress. Some more good fire log yoga effects on the body include:

  1. Stretching and opening of hips
  2. Stretches the groins
  3. Helps in stimulating the abdominal organs
  4. Calms your mind
  5. Relives anxiety and stress
  6. Helps in strengthening your legs and calves
  7. Stretches the glutes and lower back

Tips and Variations

  1. Place one leg on the ground just in front of the bent leg and keep your shins crossed or just simply leave leg free or extended if the stacking of both legs feels challenging. If you feel that your top knee is not lifted up comfortably then place a blanket or block under your knee.
  2. Relax for some time if you feel that your jaw is starting to tighten up and you breathe from slow to steady and there is a change in your breathing from short to shallow. There would be more expansion in your connective tissues as you start to feel more relaxed in the pose.
  3. Try to keep your chest open and try keeping your back flat. If it seems easy for you then try touching the floor with your head