How to stop worrying and start living


In this world of constant worry, many of us forget to live. From time to time, we may need a reminder to focus on the bounties instead of the shortcomings. It is but human nature to dwell on the don’t-haves, instead of the haves, and want for more. Greed; it engulfs most of us at some point in our lives, more for some than others. 

This article is purported for those who think they spend most of their days worrying – worrying about anything; school, homework, tests, weddings, family, relationships and the likes. Amidst the worry, we forget to enjoy the beauty and happiness around and in us.

If you’re ever at a public place, look around you and count the number of people with a straight face, number of people who are frowning or appear worrisome, and also count the numbers of those with a pleasant or a happy expression. The number may vary for each of you, but who wins the majority? Many will agree that there is a minority of those who seem to be content.

We are not assuming in any way that they are NOT content with their lives. Our only conclusion is that at least they do not LOOK it.

Moving on, let us look at various ways to end this cycle of worry, and to start living.


For many of us, a major chunk of our worries is based on our fear of the future, or ‘what-ifs’ if you may call them. What if I fail my entrance exam? What if I don’t get accepted to the college of my dreams? What if my husband doesn’t love me 10 years from now? What if I don’t get to be queen at my farewell party this year?

As crazy as these may sound, many of us do actually spend ample time in our lives worrying about issues as petty as these. The important thing here is that none of these things are under our conscious control, because who knows about the future? The future always has been and always will be unknown and open to many predictions.

Hence the worries are endless. Whenever you catch yourself dwelling on a what-if, tell yourself to stop thinking about it right then, and put an end to it by creating logic out of it in your mind. That way, you might just put an end to that worry once and for all, since your brain knows there is no point in it.


For many of the problems in our lives, there is always something or a solution that can be made use of to make it better. Let’s say for example, you’re worried that a friend of yours may have misunderstood your intention when you said a certain thing; speak to them and clear it out. This is a solution to a problem that could be easily solved.

No point in stressing over it for days and not actually doing anything about it instead, right?


This might not be something you’ve never heard before, but it is one of the most important lessons of life – acceptance of the fact that, for some problems in your life, you may not be able to do anything about them.

If a loved one dies, what can anyone do about it? They’re gone, and the only one thing anyone can do about it is accept that they are no more. Your significant other has parted ways with you? Accept it, reflect on it, and learn from the experience in order to avoid any shortcomings in the future!

Follow these steps in your step and see how drastically your outlook on life shifts.