How English can help students be more creative


English language is often deemed one of the most important subjects in our education and learning. In Pakistan, many schools are providing their students with quite enriching English language programs. However, to be honest, most schools still have a long way to go and require basic assistance that could aid their management in developing their syllabus.

English language courses allow your child to indulge in readings and assignments that enhance their English speaking and writing skills. Everything in the syllabus is designed to develop their interest in the language so that they may learn how to formulate their ideas into proper coherent words that can be made sense of universally. Simultaneously, their personalities are also developed.

Some of the high schools provide courses which have been developed to support English language. These courses justify their existence by each catering to a different aspect in language development. The courses range from literature to grammar to speech and are all devised to help students evolve and mature with grace. Some schools make sure that their students don’t only learn the dynamics of English language but the overall dynamics of growing up as a fully developed human being – therefore these courses play a supporting role in developing our analytical and reasoning skills.

This brings us to another essential element; reading material. Although quite helpful, I believe the reading material utilized in our high schools needs to be updated and upgraded. There is no denying the contribution reading material has made to the overall experience of English language. However, the fast paced environment requires reading material that not only broadens our horizon but also helps us think out of the box. We need to be open towards material that makes us step out of our comfort zone and embrace the unknown.

Unfortunately certain narrations can be monotonous, thus forcing the material to lose its worth. I understand the importance of paying tribute to famous writers by adding them to the syllabus such as Shakespeare and Jane Austen. Without doubt, these classics belong in every school’s literature syllabus but there is no harm in acknowledging modern day writers and their rich expressive text as well.

I believe it is critical to interactive learning that the reading material be captivating enough for the readers. Comprehension is also an aspect of reading. It is an art which can only be mastered if the student finds the material at hand captivating, engaging and fascinating enough to immerse oneself into it.

Then there are home assignments and the role they play in the development of English language. The assignments given to students throughout the years should be challenging and encourage them to stretch their limits. They should be compelling enough to force the student to not only step out of the box but question the box and tickle their creative side. The assignment should trigger interest and the student should be eager to submit it with enthusiasm.

Although English language is vital for your child in his or her development stage, even more important are their teachers. In this technological era, the importance of teachers is constantly being questioned.  During the course of years, I have come across some highly intellectual teachers who have not only taught English language as a subject but also as a means to a fine way of living; a computer wouldn’t have been able to do that.Teachers bring with them years of experience, knowledge and education but also a set of skills that help them interact with students and keep students alert and engrossed in the content being taught.

Teachers can adapt to the environment and the ongoing trends and modify their syllabus with the use of other tools and workshops.

With all that said, I would like to add that if students were to receive some practical exposure, it would definitely serve as a great advantage. On one hand, teachers are imperative for a complete schooling experience but they can only do so much; practical experience should be a mandatory aspect of every school’s syllabus. Those interested in the subject should be given avenues to polish their skills and develop their interest. A practical exposure could mean forums such as internship programs of leading newspapers, school magazines, debates, theatrical plays etc.

The sole purpose of highlighting these shortcomings is so that our schools are able to rectify them and exceed expectations. Even the best need to learn and progress accordingly. We may not be there yet but accepting faults within our system and committing to improve them is the first step towards betterment.

Some of us might scorn the West and their language. They might feel a sense of pride in not knowing the language or using it. Such people are only creating an obstruction for themselves by forming a barricade around their mind. Their inflexible approach will only hinder personal growth, form a communication gap and deter them from achieving endless possibilities that can only be availed by embracing the universal language – English.