Extramarital affairs: find happiness with your legal partner


Marriage is a blessing in disguise that is bestowed upon only those who are a match made in heaven. It is not, however, a job you sign up for and then step out at the end of a contract, get fired, or resign. It takes a lot of work to last a lifelong commitment.

Marriage can be as equally dirty and go down the drain in the long run, if either partner does not put in their full efforts. This doesn’t mean it’ll go straight to divorce, instead something far worse –an extra marital affair.

Cheating is an art. However, it only seems so when you mischievously do it in school during an exam, where no one really gets hurt. Cheating is something entirely different in relationships. In the eyes of the world, marriage is a bond of two people who are legally together.

Having an affair on the other hand, is something very secretive and other people who do find out look down on the one who had an affair. Frankly, cheating is a coward’s act, done without having it in them to tell the person that they feel no more for them. That is where the pain kicks in.

So, what could possibly be the reasons to having these affairs in your life?

Life is not an easy game, and sometimes things can go slightly haywire. They say when you hit rock bottom, that’s when you know the only way is to go up. Marriage is like that too and when things go haywire in your relationship, it does not mean you should give up.

Marriage is not an easy task and definitely goes more than just the happily ever after big day. It requires commitment, sincerity, understanding and most of all, compromise. It is not all butterflies and rainbows, even though the first year may seem like it. But, it is something that needs to be polished and stay shined just like you wear your best shoes to a fancy party.

People usually fail on their responsibilities or lack the factors to a happy married life, which becomes one of the reasons as to why affairs begin. It is also very important to be happy whole heartedly with what you have and to make sure that your partner also has that same happiness, because happiness is a key factor in marriage.

When spouses run out of happiness in their marriage, they are likely to find this elsewhere. That is why, it is important to communicate with one another, and to know what the other thinks and feels about you. Sometimes, it is not easy to get the truth out of the other after many years of being together, but giving it a try will at least have you on the safe side then being bitter down the road.

Despite all the reasons that may fall between marriages, having an external marital affair is one of the most erroneous things to do to your partner and has no justice to it. If you want out or no longer feel that you belong where you are, then you should have the audacity to say so. Children, or the thought and guilt of breaking a heart should not withhold someone from speaking the truth. You are breaking a heart and a marriage when you step out of your home to have your heart and thoughts to another whom your partner has no clue off.

Marriage is something blissful, and seems to be taken for granted these days. If you can’t work on it and try to fix what may be broken, then do the other person a favor and give them the chance to be honestly loved.