Cooking, creativity and calmness


Healthy food leads to healthy life – and yes I know it’s nothing new; we talk about it and we try to consume the maximum of it, but does cooking itself, as an activity, has an input in our wellness? It does, more than we know it!

Psychiatrists claim that cooking can ease stress, fight anxiety, comfort broken hearts, cure Insomnia and, of course, combat boredom.

However, cooking as an activity would only work when you do it on your own will, not when you are bound to make a gol roti or slave away for the people around you. It works when you realize your act is going to nurture others and most importantly yourself – and when you get a chance of bringing out the creative side of yourself.

Talking about the innovative side of cooking, the channel it provides to our creativity acts as one good de-stressor, which I guess I mentioned in the start. What happens is, when we cook ‘on our will’, the numb senses over-burdened by stress calm down and our experience with the sizzling sounds, the aroma, the touch, the taste and delight which we feel while watching our dish taking its shape excites our senses.

Executives and entrepreneurs worldwide spend time in cooking and learning to cook. They say it enables them to take their mind off their work – it doesn’t only help them lower stress but also fights anxiety that compliments with the earlier. Very often, people find brilliant ideas for their work when they are cooking. Medical experts say that it is likely because these people, at that time, are involved in an activity of their choice; they are relaxed and have a clear mind.

Moreover, cooking makes a person become intensely involved in the activity, enabling them to forget unwanted thoughts, if not in the long run than for a while – as during the period you are cooking, your brain is locked at the recipe, the shape of your food and the ways you could twist both of the previous to give yourself a better treat.

So it actually comforts the broken hearts and combats boredom.

Therefore, the next time you feel stressed, anxious, heart broken or just bored, try cooking something. Bonus, more cooking at home would lead to less eating out and more nourishment.

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