8 remedies to reduce dark circles


It’s very easy to get shinny hair and refreshing skin but if you have dark circles, you must know how difficult it is to get rid of them.

On your bright face, these dark circles appear as dark, dirty and black spots which make one look tired, exhausted and old. They are always very prominent on the face and it’s a very difficult task to hide them.

But don’t be sad, we have every possible remedy to get rid of these dirty and dark circles. Before I share them, one thing I would like to point out is that what we eat makes us who we are and how we look; at times, despite using multiple totkas, one is just unable to get rid of these spots – if this has happened to you, it’s a sign that you lack iron in your body and you should increase the intake those food that contain iron.

Spinach, apple, and potato are easily available everywhere and they don’t even cost you much, so you can eat them as much as you want. This would definitely help you in having a refreshing and dark circles-free skin.

Along with the intake of iron, these remedies would work as a cheery on top for you.


As we know, potato is rich in iron, therefore it is very useful. Along with eating it, cut the potato into long, thin slices, add one tablespoon of honey and arrange it in the form of big circle on a plate. The circle should be big enough to cover the entire eye part. Freeze it for a while and use it on your eyes. After one or two weeks, you will see great results.


Crush some mint leaves and add some drops of lemon. Arrange the mixture in a form of circle and freeze it. Apply it on our eyes once it is usable.


Freeze the tea bags of green tea or normal tea and put them on your eyes. This effects the skin under your eyes greatly (bags of green tea are a better option.


Use almond oil on your circles on daily basis and give some massage to the area under the eyes. This would ease the skin and help get rid of the marks.


This is a popular totka; freeze some slices of cucumber and then keep them on your eyes for some time. Along with this you can also crush cucumber, add some honey and some drops of lemon then freeze the mixture and apply it on your eyes to get refreshing results.


Rose water is indeed a blessing for your skin. Soak an eye pad or tissue paper in rose water and leave them on your eyes. You can repeat this procedure twice a day.


Tomato is extremely famous for its use as a bleaching agent. Mix tomato paste with some honey and lemon, freeze this mixture and use it on your eyes.


Soak an eye pad of tissue in some honey and lemon, freeze it and use on your eyes. If you feel any kind of irritation or sensation while using lemon and honey mixture, discontinue it.

Everyone in this world is beautiful; these remedies only help us to enhance our beauty. Always be confident, happy and beautiful!

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