7 Spiritual Tips for a Healthy Mind and Body


Our mind and body work together. When a thought occurs to us, our brain releases various hormones that effect our body and health. Health is defined as not just the absence of disease and symptoms, it is a state of wellbeing, vitality and wholeness. It is our ability to take in our surroundings and segregating what is useful from what is not serving us and then rejecting it. Everything from our digestive system to our job and relationships depends on this.

The constant juggle between socializing, work and responsibilities often break the connection between body and mind by causing an imbalance. To maintain this balance here are 7 daily health tips for a healthy mind and body.

Reach Out to Peace

Take out time from your busy chaotic schedule to let your mind find peace by meditating. Meditation is known to bring peace to your mind which in turn calms your body and soul. Sit in a peaceful quiet environment and close your eyes and let your body relax. Let yourself in a state where your body is relaxed but your mind is awake. This helps the brain in letting go of old thinking patterns and develop new thought processes. This not only calms your body and heals your mind but it also decreases risk of hypertension, anxiety, depression and addictive behaviors.

Six Ayurveda Tastes

A balanced diet is essential for easy digestion and good health. Most of the foods just contain 3 of six Ayurveda taste; sweet, sour and salty. The other three are hardly found in any foods; astringent, bitter and pungent. All the fast and processed foods tend to have the first three tastes which are of course important, but their excess can slow the body mechanism. While the latter three tastes are known to be antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and increase metabolism. Foods that contain only the former three flavors are dead and cause hardly any good except, filling you up. Add fresh foods like vegetable, fruits and homemade meals to your diet.


Even though most people exercise for its physical benefits – increasing muscle mass, strength, endurance, flexibility, bone density and lowering cholesterol – most people are unaware of its benefits to their mind. When you exercise, the brain is stimulated to learn, your memory gets better, and so does the aging process. It helps lift stress and depression.

Always workout with exercises you like and enjoy. Pick up a cardio, strength training and aerobic activity and try to enjoy your workouts as much as you can.


Sleep is underestimated many times. Proper sleeping patterns result in better cognitive learning, memory and stress relief. Irregular sleeping patterns can result in speeded up aging process, inability to cope with stress, cause depression, weight gain and weak immune system. Humans need to sleep 6-8 hours a day, in peace. Waking up tired and dull means your sleep wasn’t peaceful, whereas waking up fresh and vibrant means you have slept soundly. A well-rested mind bring connects better to the body.

Let Go

Accumulating negative feelings such as anger, hurt, sadness and disappointment harbors ‘emotional toxins’ in our mind. It can start reflecting onto our behaviors and decisions. These emotions need to be eliminated off your body. Identify your problem and take an assessment from a healing center as necessary, which can provide you a supportive and loving environment. Let go off your negativity and let the void fill with love.

Build Relationships

Often, people with stress management and anger management issues are unable to build healthy relationships and find love. They feel lonely and unloved which further makes it difficult to handle the stress, which creates a vicious cycle. Friends and loved ones can give your advice, share your problem and might as well be a source of distraction from your problems. To make new friends you can join different clubs, social media or just going down the neighborhood park for a stroll might find you a new pal.

Do Not Shy Away From Laughter

Laughter is known to boost immune system and decrease stress. It is a perfect mind-body phenomenon; body responds to something which the mind perceives funny. Have friends, crack jokes, and do not shy away from harmless pranks.

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