5 ways to mend a broken heart


Every now and then, we come across different ‘heartbreaks’. This heartbreak may be because of anything and everything at any time and any place.

Heartbreaks are never easy and it is really hard to make them go away. You can’t really describe the pain you feel to anyone because they have not experienced what you have. And that is okay; for everyone is struggling with something or the other in life. We are no one to judge as we do not endure the same level of pain they do or they can like we do.

All we can really do is try to take this heartbreak as it is, accept it and then let go of it in a timely fashion.

There are many things one can do to distract themselves and deal with their heartbreak. First and foremost, you have to accept that something awful has happened, and that you are hurt. Accepting is the first step and the hardest, as it leads to a trail of unanswered questions and can really mess with your mind. But, once you’ve got a hold on acceptance, you have the strength to walk the rest of the way.

This is how I personally deal with heartbreaks and, since I’ve had so many, I think I can vouch that they do go away – eventually.


We often find ourselves lost and crippled during heartbreaks and forget the entity of God. I have always found a shelter of peace whenever I have prayed during the worst of times. Sometimes, all we need is to be heard. And what better way than to be heard by the Almighty, even when you can’t speak, because He knows all? This makes me realize that even though I may feel alone, I really am not as He watches my every move and knows of my every tear.


This may not be an easy one as you want to be isolated most of the times. However, it is an easy way to forget for some moments to the pain you feel inside and give your chance at life once again. Be with friends who will be there for you and support you, or grab a good book to read and get lost in it.


This may seem a little rubbish as people hardly want to get up or even brush their hair, but trust me, this does work. Treat yourself to a nice spa, and get soothing facials or manicures/pedicures done. Go a little shopping and have the feeling that you are starting all over. Think of it as a new you.


This doesn’t have to be exercise only. You can do whatever kicks your adrenaline rush. This can be swimming, Zumba, rock climbing, anything. A quick trick, and a funny one, is to remind yourself of that heartbreak. This will automatically cause to push yourself further in whatever activity you have engaged yourself into. Your heartbreak will work like a motivation for you.


After acceptance, this is the hardest part. Once you’ve accepted that something has happened for whatever reason and has turned out to be heartache for you, forgiveness is the last step to your freedom ladder. Forgiving someone will liberate you from the burdening thought of having that experience in your life. It will help you to be more kind and affectionate to not only others but, yourself as well.

A broken heart is a silent deadly tranquilizer. But, like Rumi says,

“Don’t give up, my heart, for miracles dwell in the invisible.”