5 ways in which you can be a good leader


Are you one of those individuals who like things their way? You think you can handle business ventures, classroom presentations and want to polish your leadership skills? If that is the case, then this article is for you.

The first step towards successful teamwork is good ideas, compilation of those ideas and planning to implement them. It takes a lot of effort and thinking out of the box to come up with unique ideas, and as much as it is rare, it is also difficult to execute the idea once you have managed to explain and convince your team-mates.

It is important to realize that to make a good team all the members on-board should be on the same page and agree to whatever is decided.

Active participation of each team member leads to better understanding of the project that is being worked about. More importantly though it boosts the confidence they have in their leader which in turn results in better team management.

One of the main reasons it is important to have a strong and emotionally stable leader is that a leader’s mood always reflects on the team. The leader always needs to be upbeat and enthusiastic about the work, even if they have to fake it.

Whenever you feel out of shape and not ready for work, take a deep breath, calm yourself down and focus at your objectives.

Here are some qualities that every group leader should exhibit and emphasize on.


However much ethical and honest you are generally, when you are a head of a team, you need to raise the bar higher. You should remember that because whatever you do, your group members will follow suit. So keep a positive attitude to build up a friendly and helpful environment.


One of the most difficult tasks a leader is responsible for is to communicate the idea they have in their heads. Often while presenting an idea, you might face blank faces which are unable to grasp what you are saying. If your team members are not able to relate to your vision, you might lose their attention or have different goals in mind. Communication skills are also important when you want to divide the work and distribute tasks to the members. It is essential for every team member to know what aspect of the project they are responsible for.


This is not about responding to your team member if they hit you up at three in the morning but you should make sure you are there during office hours for them to discuss queries. Any inter-group issues should be discussed and daily reports should be taken on everyone’s work. This leads to active participation of all the group members and encourages them to work harder.


You should always be ready for any kind of crisis. Your laptop crashed, you lost data or one of your team members fell sick, you should be the one to put out the fire. You should realize and also teach your team members that set backs are natural and losing confidence is not the way to deal with it. Keep your morale high and lead your team with even more focus than before because nothing is more damaging than giving up. All the team should continue their work and keep making progress.


You cannot expect your team members to work efficiently if they do not see you next to them. A leader should always remember that he is part of the team, not their owner. Always tell what you have been up to regarding the project to your team members. An efficient team makes when hard work is being done at every level. You need to commit to your team in order to gain their respect and choose you as the leader for the next teamwork as well. If you have promised them something, make sure you keep it and stay committed to it. By providing your commitment you are more likely to bring out optimum amount of quality work.

Follow these few simple tips to optimize your leadership skills immensely.