You Are What You Wear


Clothing, at any age, expresses an individual’s way of life. Nowadays we see young boys making their first attempts at looking like a man while most seem confused in the matter of what to wear that fits the occasion.

Allow me to make one point: every occasion, from prom night to a casual get together, ought a particular etiquette when it comes to attire that to be taken care of. If you know what the color theory says and if you recognize what runs with what, you can most likely get a reward in the way you look and add up to the “coolness”. However, in the professional world it is a touch different.

Over here, what you wear is a reflection of your professionalism. Your tie, shirt, accessories and your shoes speak for you. The color combination is again very cardinal. Remember there is no place for jeans in the workplace so be careful and know what to wear for what occasion and place.

Your wardrobe is a reflection of your status, your taste and practical insight. It is an overall reflection of your personality. You ought to dress keeping in mind, the quality of your life. Many people think that you dress shabby you look cool but I strongly differ.

I believe if you have some basic fashion sense, you can do just fine. You must look at the tiny things like the shades of your socks and your belt should to be the same and if you know the shoes you wear mirror your entire personality and ought to be kept clean and polished.

It’s about making the right decision, it’s not generally about the brand you pick but at times it is the item you pick.

Formal Attire

What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Suit and tie? Well this is where you go wrong. Formal clothing is significantly a higher class dress code that usually is not affordable to a common man.

In Pakistan very few people follow dress codes. Here people usually call themselves “casually dressed”. A “casual attire” invitation is basically open ended with no boundaries, however style cannot be ignored. Going to meet friends does not mean you dress up heedlessly.

A Casual Attire is not quite casual as it may seem. It needs to be taken seriously on the off chance that you need to keep up an appealing and impressive personality.

Before getting dressed you need to be prepped well. His shave should be well kept, hair done properly and it should not look like as if you simply hopped out of your bed.

Your footwear reflects who you are

A pretty old saying that still fits is that you can judge a man by his shoes. A decent pair of dress shoes will last you years with some regular light cleaning and shining. If you already do not own a classic pair of shoes, save up to buy one.

Ignore extraordinary fashion trends

Some colors look only good on television screens or on models. Stick to exemplary attire staples for the center of your closet and abstain from anything that is too far out on the bleeding edge — just try to carry a decent trendy look. Do not over do it.

Take special care of your clothes

Do not go out without ironing your clothes well, yes, it does matter a lot. Crippled clothes give you a carefree shoddy look that is always unwanted. Make sure whatever you plan to wear is washed well and smells nice. Will help you impress people nearby.

Look beyond the normal blue jeans

Try wearing the new cotton pants in these days. The colorful pants are difficult to pull off but you can always give them a try.

Take special care of the colors you wear

Every color has a story behind it. Opt for colors with masculine attributes. Black, grey, blue, white are all good options. Also make sure you wear complimenting colors.

Groom yourself well

Your hair, nails and shave are the details of what you are, do not think details are not observed or they don’t matter.

Best of luck, I hope these tips were of help and would give you the look and class you have been looking for since long.