Why Couples Breakup?


When people first begin dating, they may overlook their partner’s differences, but as a relationship progresses, these differences may have disastrous effects. Here are the most common reasons for why relationships break up.

1. Couples break up because of lying, stealing or infidelity. These are all violations of trust and almost always result in relationship problems. If the elementary trust in a bond is repeatedly breached and broken, it is very difficult to regain it. Problems pile up and the desire and motivation to stay together rapidly decreases, and the couple may choose to separate.

2. Couples also break up due to ineffective communication. Communication has been heralded to be the most important characteristic of a successful relationship. Partners need to share their thoughts, ideas, aspirations, joys, and frustrations. Couples who avoid sharing their true selves and speaking honestly with each other weaken the bond between them, which leads to less understanding, which can result in a break-up.

3. Couples also separate due to conflicting goals. Many love relationships fail because both members move in different directions in their lives. Before, when they first met and started going out perhaps, their life goals were in sync. Later on, their aims might have changed. One partner might have even gone through drastic lifestyle, religious, or even political changes, which was not approved by their partner. In some situations the couple could reach an agreement or a settlement. However, depending on how uncompromising, these goals or changes could be, the couple may break up.

4. Couples break up due to control issues as well. An uneven and unfair distribution of power does not bode well for a successful relationship. This problem can cause a number of difficulties and can even go on for a number of years until one partner decides they’ve had enough. Control issues include, but are not limited to one partner hoarding and controlling all the money earned, making important decisions without consultation of the other, and forcing the other to ask permission for going out with friends or family.

5. Relationships also break over image issues such as low self-esteem. In a successful relationship, self-esteem is necessary for both partners to feel loved and valued. Without that important ingredient, he or she may not feel secure or confident in their relationship. They may become too dependent on the other which could lead to their partners’ irritation. It could also lead to them staying in an unhealthy relationship which others, with a higher self-esteem would not have stayed in.

6. Bad habits also lead to breakups. In the early stages of a relationship, partners tend to see each other with rose tinted glasses. After the initial euphoria fades, they notice the habits of their partners, which greatly annoy and aggravate them. These can range from slightly bothersome, such as leaving hair in the bathroom or damaging habits such as alcohol abuse or being excessively secretive, to such a degree that it’s worrying.

7. Relationships also break due to finances. The money itself is usually not a problem, but other aspects of it are. Arguments spring up over risk-taking games such as gambling, savings, unwarranted and extreme spending, debt or the distribution of money. Extended periods of debt may also wear away a couple which can lead to blame and arguments. In this way finances can lead to the breakup of a relationship.