What Your Birthstone Says about You?


Each and every month has a specific birth stone, each stone signifies specific personalities associated with the person born in that month with the stone that is associated to that month. According to many people if you keep the birthstone of your month with you or wear the stone it will give you special properties. Read to know what your birth stone says about you

January: Garnet

January: Garnet

The stone Garnet symbolizes love and faith and constancy in a person, if a person wears this stone they may have an increase in self-image. Garnet is also associated with optimism. The person born in this month might have strong leadership skills and great ambition

February: Amethyst

February: Amethyst

Amethyst is a stone which signifies royalty; it is a symbol of serenity and peace. The person who wears it might be protected from the darkness. Amethyst has purifying properties. The people born in this month might also be pure and have temperance.

March: Aquamarine

March: Aquamarine

As it can be understood aquamarine is often associated with youth, love and also hope. If you wear this stone may give the person a new spark to their marriage, build a person’s courage. The stone will make a person happy, usually people born in this month try and find balance in everything both spiritual and physical.

April: Diamond

April Diamond

The diamond is a symbol of invincibility and eternal love. Those who wear this stone might be protected from insanity. The diamond is often considered as a women’s best friend, however, it is also a symbol of perseverance as it is one of the hardest stones in the world people who are born in this month are very hard-headed.

May: Green Emeralds

May Green Emeralds

Emeralds are a sign of health, it is also used for faithfulness and fertility. The stone gives the person who wears it focus, clarity to see the goals and even change them. It is also considered to give a sign of improved eyesight. Emerald  also gives a thought of improved physical myopia.

June: Alexandrite

June Alexandrite

These stones are suggestive of chastity, modesty and it also gives an idea of a stable marriage relationships. The person who wears this stone gives the person confidence and self-respect. Alexandrite also gives the person clarity in love and marriage.

July: Ruby

July Ruby

The stones are tokens of harmony and peace. The wearer becomes the attraction of good luck, the stone is very tough and it changes attributes according the wearers mood and the danger surrounding that person. The people born in this month usually have mood swings and they experience their emotions at a greater level, and most deeply than the most of them.

August: Peridot

August Peridot

Warding off evil and enchantments, it also successfully defends against depression. The people born in this month have a tendency to be very proud and confident, they embrace the light and they shine bright and are successful in what they do.

September: Sapphire

September Sapphire

The stone is associated with dignity and faith. It is also associated with the wisdom and loyalty. The people who wear this stone, have very strong preferences, they are also very sensitive. Usually people born in this month are pure and they pay attention to every detail very meticulously.

October: Pink Tourmaline/Opal

October Pink Tourmaline Opal

Opal is linked with hope and creativity. They also protect the wearer from people who have bad intentions. It also represents confidence; usually people who wear this stone have a tendency to make new friends and the love to do this activity.

November: Topaz

November Topaz

This stone has a strong association with strength; it is also seen as a healing tool for the mind and body. It also offers protection and good health to the person who wears. People who are born in this month are loyal and constant, the people in this month can be relied upon and provide support.

December: Zircon

December: Zircon

This stone has the ability to be linked with happy life and it is also a sign of good fortune. People who wear it will have good luck and fortune follow them.

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