Watch Moor and Shah on the 14th of August, Magar Pyar Se


14th of August this year is going to be a special one. People in Pakistan will not only enjoy celebrating Independence Day, but will have the opportunity to witness a cinematic revolution in Pakistan.

Pakistani film is developing at an extremely remarkable point in time. The nation is experiencing an exciting ride politically, monetarily, and socially. Amidst this clamor lies Pakistan and its silver screen industry’s battle to advance into an option that is superior to anything like Lollywood.

This is where movies like Moor, Dhek Magar Pyar Se and Shah come in. All three Pakistani films are set to dazzle all on the 14th of August.


Directed by Jami, film Moor has been making news for quite some time. Jami began working on the film in 2007 and is set to release it now after 8 long years. Moor is anticipated to be an action thriller.

The film lets us know how we ought to handle ourselves in Pakistan where every other day is like a new show with new incidents and experiences. Moor is shot in Baluchistan, a territory that has been cornered constantly. The film is perhaps an opportunity for all to experience the beauty of Baluchistan and is the first ever Pakistani film that brings the Baloch tradition and culture on the big screen. There are a lot of beauty shots in the film — giving Baluchistan a peaceful image and offering it as a conceivable tourist spot for the world. Aside from the cinematic excellence, the cast has given real equity to the film. The way how every performer embraces the Pakhtun way of life is unbelievable.

Actor/Singer Junaid Khan appraises the movie,

“I went to Moor’s premier and I must say it is a visual masterpiece. The screenplay, framing, lighting, camera work, and sound design are all brilliantly done. The way Jami narrated the story was very interesting and the choice of shots taken to enhance or rightfully convey the message was very well done. Technically the best film produced so far.

Indeed, even the supporting roles played their part dominantly leaving back a strong impact. It’s been one copyright issue after another nowadays; films are all being subjected to some controversy right before they are all set for release. Singer/Actor Khaled Anam voiced his complaint through Social Media claiming that his melody ‘Peera Ho’ was used in the film without his assent. However, Jami reacted to this protest as soon as possible and apologized. Jami said he had asked Strings to contact Khaled to settle any misconception. He said he thought the song was a part of Pakistan cultural folklore and will get it removed if Khaled didn’t like it. Moreover Jami cleared up that the tune was not in the film but rather was just in the movies music album as a cover song. Apart from that, the movie overall has promising music produced by the pioneers of the industry, Strings.

“Jami has set a very high standard.”

If you want to see beauty closely, don’t miss this artful culmination.


Shah has made a shock section just before the Independence Day to contend with Dehk Magar Pyar Se and Moor. Adnan Sarwar, the author and director of Shah additionally acted as the lead part and created the music of film. Adnan is likewise a part of the acclaimed cover pop band Club Caramel.

Shah is a narrative of the legendary Pakistani boxer Syed Hussain Shah. The story is about the journey of a destitute kid of Lyari who went on to become the first South Asian victor of an Olympic Bronze Medal in boxing at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. In over 50 years, Shah secures his place as the only Pakistani to win a medal at the Olympic Games. To perform the role of Shah, the actor had to practice boxing for over a year.

The actors and crew have all worked hard for the film. The director or any member of the team is not stressed over their competition with Moor or DMPS. In fact, Adnan claims to regard his seniors like Jami and Asad Ul Haq as accomplished, and is eager to watch their movies. Although Shah is not as gigantic as team Moor or team DMPS, it is still certain that the team has concentrated on the story and execution of it as opposed to spreading the word to make it circulate around the web. They have all buckled down and are expecting productive results.

To see how Shah changes his destiny you need to watch this film.

Dhek Magar Pyar Se

Asad Ul Haq’s “Dhek Magar Pyar Se” is not just another regular RomCom rather it is an adoration story. However there is an immense piece of the story that is not revealed as yet. At first it might seem like a standard boy-girl romantic comedy, yet you will be astounded after what happens after the interval.

Director Asad Ul Haq is certain about his motion picture and believes it is not the same as other films that are being released nowadays. Likewise he included that he is not entirely contending with any other director or producer. Team DMPS believes that they have the music and sizzling promos of Humaima Malik that set them separated from Moor and Shah. Indeed, even after Humaima’s failure in Raja Natwarlal, Asad puts stock in her and supposes her execution will win hearts.

Dehk Magar Pyar Se has a youthful cast. Sikander and Humaima both look impeccable on screen yet it is to be checked whether the new comer Sikander has done equity to his part or not. The film was shot in 45 days which is a record in itself. It has 7 melodies from which 2 are originals while the rest are covers of some old classics. The closet of the film is finished by Hassan Shehreyar Yasin.

Junaid Khan wishes all the best for the three movies and its directors, casts and crew.