Walk Like A Lady, Talk Like A Lady


Aisha Abrar is a renowned chef who has been working in the industry for quite a while. She currently hosts her own cooking show on HTV and is admired for her delicious creations. Speaking about her success as a culinary artist, she believes that it has a lot to do with how you carry yourself in the work environment.

Let’s hear what this respectable beautiful lady tells us about the skin checks, image makeovers, color appraisals and style management that goes into making the perfect working woman.

Q: You are so fit and smart and perfectly polished? What’s the secret?

Well, as far as smartness is concerned, I really have to work out for it. Like people say, it’s a genetic effect but I have been gifted with beauty right from my childhood but then I got really fat by eating junk food and all so I decided to work out, I started working out when I was about 20 years old and now I eat each and everything thing I want to.

Q: How to have a perfect skin like yours?

Believe me it’s not perfect but I drink lots of water, my schedule starts from 9 am in the morning so I make up my mind each day about the amount of water I’m going to consume. In a day, I take approximately 15 glasses of water and I always have a water bottle with me and I just cannot survive without it.

Q: Do you think appearance matters or people judge you by the way you carry yourself?

People would definitely judge by your appearance, the era we live in, people ignore this by saying that only nature matters but the opposite is the truth actually. When you enter some place and none of the people have talked to you, they would only judge you by your appearance only but grooming and styling are totally different things, as far as grooming is concerned, yes, your nails should be clean and trimmed, your eyebrow should be neat and if you’re a girl your skin shouldn’t be over loaded with makeup.

Q: How do you think personal grooming is about presenting yourself in the best possible way? With so many different grooming options, how can you be sure you’re working with the right one?

Well, if you observe a lot, whenever you go out or whenever you work with different people, you definitely get inspired by somebody like someone’s nails are pretty, someone’s eyes are pretty so while looking at them, you can pinpoint your shortcomings. By this way you can realize that maybe my nails needs manicure too or my skin needs more care or probably I have a stomach which needs to be flattened up so look at yourself and people around you and take some time for yourself, about 15 or 20 minutes. Look at yourself in the mirror and judge yourself what suits you and compliments you. Make a wish list for yourself, don’t think whether it’s possible or not like I have a wish list that I want to be this or that as far as appearance is concerned. This always works.

Q: What should one do for a good posture, and bring back self-esteem and confidence?

Good posture is the most important thing, people who are not short heighted or if they’re average heighted and tall, they have this issue of bending. Once someone said to me that you’re working out very nice as I was doing the shoulder exercise that got me motivated but the only possible thing that can help you in this is whenever you are reminded of sitting straight, sit straight. That’s the only thing.

Q: How to avoid gaining weight?

Avoid oily stuff, I have my days for eating oily stuff just like now I had proper tandoor ki roti with daal. For me it’s only quantity that matters, that’s the only way to stay fit and not gain weight.

Q: What styles do you prefer not to work on while going for work?

As far as summers are concerned, I think glossy lipsticks should be avoided because it is something that makes the other person feel she’s doing well but that glossy, shiny and melting appearance is a no.

Q: What is the perfect dress code for working women?

Since, we’re living in a culture that focuses so much on a women’s attire, although we are mod but we are living in Pakistan, not to forget that, one should avoid wearing short shirts to work but when you’re with friends, wear anything you want. A perfect dress for a working women should be that she’s comfortable in, it shouldn’t be definitely body hugging and also they’re out of fashion now.

Q: What are the perfect colors to wear in summer? Do you think color choice matters?

Pastel shades; green, pink white. Yeah, I’ll say light shades only. If you wear black in summer, that really matters because it absorbs heat. For dark complexions, I think green or blue even the darker shades of green or blue would work for them.

Q: What should be the basic makeup accessories a woman should apply while going to work?

Sunblock is a must, people ask me why should I apply sunblock as they it doesn’t help us not getting tan, I tell them sunblock is not an anti-tanning thing, it’s basically for the protection of your skin and you’ll be thankful for this when you’ll enter you 40’s for the wrinkles, the lines and everything. It’s only anti-agent not anti-tanner. Other thing, it depends of the weather if your lips are dry, you should keep a gloss or Vaseline in your bag.

Q: What kind of shoes/sandals look presentable?

When I’m at work I don’t prefer wearing heals but when I wear heals when I’m not at work. I’m very clever about the choice of shoes to wear at work, when I’ve my pedicure done, I wear sandals that reveal my feet, when I don’t have it done I only wear pumps.

Q: How important is it for a woman to go to spa or parlor?

One should only go to spa for relaxation purpose not just to get polished, I go to spa thrice a month. We all need a time for ourselves. You need it that.