Travel: 7 places you can visit to escape your monotony


A ruthlessly fast routine – one which we urban-dwellers often witness – can become an irritant for many, making them feel fatigued and burnt out. You can start to feel smothered by the dreary schedules and life seems like an endless ocean, where we can do little to save ourselves from drowning.

So how do you let go of this feeling? How do you find respite during such a hectic routine?

There are certain thing that you could employ in your schedule, such as going out with friends and family, enjoying a good book or movie, or finding time to go out and explore the world. For me, the last option is a sure-shot remedy to your monotonous days.

By taking a break to detach ourselves from the boundaries we have drawn around us, we can revaluate a lot about our inner self and review the life we have adapted to understand what needs to be changed. Moreover, visiting a different place, breathing a different air, seeing a different sight and hearing a different rhythm will surely help you bring your life into perspective and can become a life-altering experience for you.

So, if you do decide to travel and set yourself free, here are seven of the many spots you could visit and feel blissfully at-ease. These areas and occasions are going to blow your mind, motivate you, and help you craft out a better ‘you’ once you are done with your voyage.


Italy is a divine country overflowing as one of the biggest cultural hubs in human history. From its awe-inspiring architecture to its magnificent museums, to its breathtaking art and just the whole essence of being so taken away with every step you take on the road, one has to find themselves in Italy at least once in their lives. I can only think of Rome, and feel the goosebumps rising on my arms, imaging the beauty my eyes will feast upon to the atmosphere I will have all around me. This spot is a personal favorite of mine.



The temple of Angkor Wat is so sacred that it is protected by UNESCO as a world heritage site, and for a justifying purpose too. This architectural spectacle was built between 802 and 1220 AD by the Khmer civilization. It is one of the most robust architectural achievements of humankind.



Over the years, while the Orient Express has changed its routes many times, it still manages to be as comforting and a magnificent ride as ever. If you don’t like to take long walks, or if you have airplanes phobia, this is the best way to see a great bit of Europe as you go chu-chu on this classic.



If you have what it takes to climb, then book an overnight stay and find yourself on an adventurous turn to go up this mountain! If not, you can always choose to travel in a train to one of the many breathtaking picture-perfect spots.



Whatever befits best to your likings, you can opt for the public safari or get escorted exclusively. The two most popular parks are The Chobe National Park and Moremi Game Reserve. They behold the best of the extensive choice of wild animals that comprises of lions, elephants, leopards, black rhinos and other exotic species of the animal kingdom.



Egypt, a nation of its own charms and mysteries, has hosted one of the most dominant empires in early human history. It is a personal favorite for many archaeologists as it is yet to reveal all its true wonders beneath the great dunes of sand. However, the sight of the Great Pyramids of Giza is the most popular of them all.



This one is a 24/7 open house for party-goers. Over the years, Ibiza has been able to grow a music scene that has been nourishing the Island with all its colors. This makes it one of the best cities to party your heart out, with the credibility of it being beautiful too. The Ibiza Town is a UNESCO Word Heritage Site too.


So what are you waiting for? If you have been meaning to go for a vacation, Google these sites, find out the logistics of the trip and fly away to the many heavens on Earth.