Top 15 Qualities Women Want In A Man


It is quite funny how, in such a modern times, our society only has space to ask men what qualities they are looking for in a woman, as if women don’t have the right to state their desire. Each woman is an individual and so each will have a unique set of qualities that she would fancy a man with. After some research, we were able to narrow down the list to top 15 qualities that women want in men:

1. Faithful

Majority of women just want a man to be faithful more than good looking or rich. There shouldn’t be any surprise here and the need for it to be said out loud defeats the purpose. To all those who think it’s okay to be unfaithful; you will never be regarded once you’ve been unfaithful and no excuse can ever make it go away.

2. Kind

Women need a man who knows empathy, is caring, sensitive and kind. They need somebody who will be their closest companion, a partner and an equivalent. Most importantly, somebody who can make them feel great about themselves.

3. Funny

Being amusing makes men more alluring to the ladies. There’s no science to it; it’s just how it is. It is a fact that women welcome a man who is witty. On the off-chance, that you can make a lady giggle, she’ll quite often believe you’re magnificent.

4. Reliable

You must be solid on the off-chance that you need your lady to stay with you for the long haul. If she has cooked you food and has made arrangements for you according to your usual timing of around 7 and you come walking around at 8, this is not what is called being solid.

5. Intelligent

Whether it’s educating us about the most up to date eatery opening or showing us something we weren’t aware of initially about any sport, we like somebody from whom we can learn.

6. Confident

Women appreciate men who are confident and are good with decision making. They are not interested in someone who is indecisive about everything he says or every step he takes. Confidence is something that makes even an average person shine.

7. Ambitious

A man without ambition is perceived by women as a boring one. Ambitious men are exciting because they are willing to go an extra mile in order to achieve goals. An ambitious man will always be on his toes and will not be wasting his life away slouching on a couch.

8. Passionate

Be passionate. You need to show enthusiasm for her or with her and not just sexually but emotionally as well. Take some time out to be interested in things that excite her – from her work to her humanitarian effort, her distractions and life objectives.

9. Romantic

When you are sensitive to your partner’s emotions, it demonstrates love at its deepest level. Be sure to express your feelings. Even if it has been years, women want a man who can sweep them off their feet by slightest romantic gestures, for instance, surprising her with flowers.

10. Fit & Healthy

It’s okay if a man is chubby or bald. Women are put off by men who don’t care about their health and even after being reminded to live a healthier lifestyle, still prefer sitting on their couch playing video games and eating junk food. You don’t need to have abs but you sure do need to have some less kebabs.

11. Hygienic

Wash your hands before you eat, make sure to change your socks regularly, showering is a must and there is no need for you to have dirty nails. Hygiene is something that women or men, both are usually most concerned about.

12. Presentable

In case you’re sharp looking and have your act all together, you’re demonstrating to the world that you esteem yourself and your appearance. Women need somebody who makes them feel extraordinary. They will feel extraordinary when a man makes an effort to dress up for the date in a nice suit.

13. Balanced

Living an adjusted and balanced way of life is imperative. Ladies appreciate dating a man who can do it all. We need to date somebody who can organize his employment, family, companions and a relationship.

14. Good Listener

A man who is a decent audience is a genuine catch. Since ladies are more enthusiastic than men, we have a lot to share. We can talk for a considerable length of time. On the off-chance that you can listen to a lady, and I mean truly tune in, praise yourself.

15. Supportive

Women look for supportive men, and not those who are just concerned about their own dreams and goals. You should be able to help her realize her dreams as well and be there to catch her whenever she falls.