Top 10 Benefits of Lahori Namak


Lahori namak has been famous for a lot of things and people opt for it over the normal salt. It is colorless, but may appear blue, red or grey due to the impurities present in it. It is the purest form of rock salt, which is later, refined for normal use. It is used in preservative and in ice creams to lower the freezing point. Following are a few benefits of lahori namak that you need to know about just in case you have not heard about them

1. Digestion Problems

Lahori namak works amazingly for digestion issues. It works as a laxative in case of constipation and heals your intestines as well. It works as a relaxant by calming down your body and soothing the heartburns.

2. Blood Pressure

Lahori namak stimulates the blood circulation and thus, keeps your organs healthy. It helps with absorption of minerals in cells. It also balances out the pH in blood to maintain its pressure.

3. Lahori Namak for Weight Loss

Lahori namak has been used over the years to help lose weight, because it helps balance minerals that kill the craving for all the junk food that you can’t stop thinking about and helps get rid of dead fat cells.

4. Anti Allergic

Lahori namak helps cure rheumatic pain and herpes. It also helps cure skin allergies and insect bites.

5. Deworming

Kids often get worms in their tummy and it is not as bad as it sound. Lahori namak along with lemon juice helps get rid of these worms and also cures influenza.

6. Respiratory Problems

Doctors always tell you to gargle with salty warm water. Gargling with Lahori namak dissolved in warm water helps relieve throat pain, cough and swelling. It also helps cure tonsillitis, however, you cannot depend on it entirely. People with sinus and other respiratory issues such as asthma, take facial steams that contain rock salt, because it has been proven to be beneficial to them.

7. Beauty Bath with Lahori Namak

If you want a nice relaxing beauty shower, go for rock salt. Add a tablespoon of rock salt to your bath water and enjoy. It will relax the sore muscles, detoxify your body and lower your blood pressure. This will help you get rid of mental and physical stress.

8. Scrub with Lahori Namak

Get rid of all the artificial scrubs that leave your skin all sore and give you acne.  Lahori namak is a natural scrub and can be used along with olive oil or almond oil to get a nice glowing skin.

9. For Skin

Lahori namak is really good for your skin. It provides your skin enough minerals to reduce stretch marks. It detoxifies your body and gives it a fresh look. Nail colors often leave your nails looking dull and yellow. Rock salt helps remove the stains and gives a natural shine to your nails. Rock salt also has healing properties, which cure acne and help you get rid of white heads.

10. For Hair

Rock salt or Lahori namak is also good for your hair. We are surrounded by dirt and humid environment, which settles down on our scalp, and sometimes the shampoos fail to cleanse it. Rock salt cleanses our scalp if added to any shampoo. It can also be added to the conditioner to give a natural shine and volume to your hair.

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