Tips for time management and prioritizing


There comes a time in everyone’s life where you feel like you will either explode or shatter – because of the amount of things you have to do. This time can come over anyone and everyone. Be it an employee, a boss, a mother, or even students.

A huge to-do list naturally comes to life over time and comes thrusting at your door with demands of getting everything done at the right time. Usually, one becomes not only frustrated and stressed but comes down to quite the common questions, such as; how will I get this done on time? What should I do first? How will all of this be done and be good?

Of course with such little time, it is bound to happen that you either forget or miss out on something. Therefore, with a lot of consideration and going through this overturning life-cycle of stress, I have come up with some relief strainers. This may not work as efficiently for you as it may for me, but there is no harm in trying when all is going down.


We often forget to breathe at peaks of stress because we start to have small panic attack and then unconsciously become diagnosed with anxiety. Therefore, when you feel like you are starting to palpitate – having faster heart beats and hard time breathing – go out for a minute and inhale some air into your lungs. Close your eyes for just that minute and let the ambiance of fresh air all around dwell among not only your body but mind as well. This will surely help you feel better as you will have a clear mind to go back to work with.


It’s more stressful putting up things on the calendar and then making them as your deadlines. So, to counter that, make an everyday to-do list; this way you know what you have to do each day, and this will be more like baby steps and easier to deal with. It is best to keep in mind to do things one at a time rather than trying to get them all done. This way, what you have not been able to complete today, you can always complete tomorrow. It helps a lot with time management.


When you have tons of deadlines to meet and see that you have too much to do; the best thing to do is, get the easiest stuff done and put it aside. Even thought people would usually end up saying get the nearest deadline thing done first, but it is much easier and faster to do things when you know you have gotten done with other things beforehand their due date. So it is better to start off to prioritize to do things that could be done in the least amount of time.


When you know you have more than one thing to do and all are due together – for instance for students to have more than one exam the same day – then it is time to get your multitasking skills on. When the mind feels like it has had too much of a certain topic of work, divert it and start on another topic. This not only will help your mind from being fried, but will let you relax from a particular task and at the same time help you start on another one. This way both things will get done together side by side without you having to rush one over the other.

So, the next time you feel that you’ve got too much on your plate, try opting for one of these solutions. It might just work for you.