Tips to Manage EidkiTayari With Ramadan


The combination of the hot humid season and the Holy month of Ramadan can be quite lethal when it comes to preparations for Eid. With so much to do, and so little appetite and energy to run on during the day, it’s bound to be chaos as the last days of Ramadan come by. I think Eidkitayari is not something that difficult but, because of our mental and physical state during Ramadan, we tend to slide on to the little bit psychotic side. And truly, who can blame anyone with the scorching sun and everyone sort of going whacko.

However, there are simple ways that you can manage to handle all the mishaps and craziness while Ramadan.

1. Prepare yourself at Sehri for the coming day

Basically, what we don’t do is tell ourselves, ‘Hey! The next day you’re heading out to do your Eidkitayari so be prepared.’ We don’t do this mentally or prepare our self physically. We should eat and drink a sufficient amount of water that wouldn’t dehydrate us when we go strolling through malls and bazaars. This way, you know what is headed for you and you are ready to take it on. This actually works because then you know not to give in.

2. Make a list, according to priority

This always works for those who like to be organized. If you do this when you go grocery shopping and you know it works in making it more efficient to shop, then try it for your eidkitayari too. Write exactly what you need and if you want to go in detail, also add where to get it and how much. This really would cut you some slack on time and you wouldn’t have to wander or ponder to what you need because you’d have a list in your hand before you.

3. Get things done a week before

Don’t wait till chaandraat to rush to the tailor to get your clothes, give them before and have them before. Tailors at this particular time of the year are the most risky people on earth for the ladies! I’m sure those who have experienced a last minute crisis would know exactly what I am suggesting. Shoes are one things you can probably save for the last but, even that should be done. Common shoe sizes run out, and the good variety too.

4. Go day by day

As the days come closer to Eid, do things day by day. Go one day to get your kid clothes. Go one day for yours, or your husband or relatives or whoever. Choose a day and dedicate it for that particular task only. Do not divert yourself or be distracted, implant it in your mind to get it done, that day only.

5. Trips to the salon

This one is especially for the ladies who devote themselves to making iftars with new recipes only. Take time out for yourself so that you don’t rush to the salon at the last day and try and beautify yourself with every staff person rushing to get to the next person. Give yourself a break and take this opportunity to be another pampering one rather than the new makeover.

Last but not least, enjoy Eidkitayari and don’t stress yourself