The starter pack for Pakistan’s Independence Day


I would like to first remind our readers that this year, Pakistan will be celebrating its 68th year of Independence. Now why would I be reminding this to my readers again? I will tell you as you go through the end of this article.

The passion and urge to go green and white in Pakistanis is unparalleled when it comes to Independence Day. Year after year, I have come to observe the patriotism of our society and every time it astounds me, as to how and where do these come from on this particular date?

Being someone who has been raised abroad, I have seen quite a few versions of Pakistan’s Independence Day being celebrated. But, I must say, nothing beats the true version of people living in Pakistan. Nothing beats our Pakistan’s celebrations.

Getting to my point, my people here have this certain ‘starter pack’ to celebrate their Independence Day. Wondering what it might have? Well, here are the wonders.


Most Pakistani boys like to celebrate out loud. And when I say loud, I actually mean it – fiercely, eardrums-piercingly loud! Especially those who own any kind of bike go to their local mechanics, and have their silencers taken off for August 14th. Surprised? I’m not. Perhaps they think taking off their silencers shows how glorious and liberated they feel to have a whole country of their own. So what if this is a sign of illiteracy or if it disturbs the people’s peace? It’s a sign of freedom for these daredevil boys – after all, independence is for everyone, is it not?


I hate to admit this but man, do our people love weaponry and have pride in owning it. On the night before August 14, as soon as the clock hits 12 at midnight, Pakistanis welcome their independence day with an uncouth display of hooliganism by indulging in aerial firing and shooting fires to their heart’s content. Is it safe? Of course it is! Bullets are only going in the air; it’s not like they’re going to follow the law of gravity and come back down. Don’t be silly!


When in Pakistan, do what the Pakistanis do. It brings great joy to see how many flags come around during this time in the month of August every year; strangely, however, every year I see new flags being sold on street corners and I see people buying them all anew. Do they not have flags with them from last year? If not, then what happened to those flags? Were they thrown away? Surely not; no Pakistani would do that… right?


If flags can do business then why should the clothing business stay behind? T-shirts with matching shorts for kids is a way to show that our kids are true Pakistanis by wearing green and white for a day.


Throughout the year, you may listen to “baby doll” or “Sky Full of Stars” but on this day, it is national songs only. How else will you go around booming your car’s stereo system, proving that you are a true devoted Pakistani?

I love my country as any patriot would and as much as this starter pack may have its flaws, at least in some way the people of my country gather together under one flag. While it is a bit sad that only on Independence Day or a Pak-India match does our nationalist side surfaces – but something is better than nothing.

Happy Independence Day Everyone!