Supermodel to Super Mom: Nadia Hussain Gets Up-close and Personal About Being a Mother


Nadia Hussain Khan, undoubtedly the most successful and popular fashion model in Pakistan, is not just a supermodel but also a super mom. Along with having a great sense of humor, she has an impressive personality too. She dazzles people every time she walks the ramp but most people don’t know that she is also a dental practitioner and a mother of four.

She is the first Pakistani model to launch her own Salon named  Nadia Hussain Salon & Clinic  which is currently based in Karachi. Nadia Hussain plans on expanding her business nationwide. However, that doesn’t stop her from being a supermom. She proves herself everyday as the modern era mother who knows all the traditional ways to raise her kids. Surprisingly, Nadia seems pretty comfortable with all her many roles.

When she is at home, she is cooking and spending time with her children, driving out with them and striving on being an active part in their everyday lives. Nadia is family oriented; her family means everything to her. Let’s see what she has to say about how she does it all:

Q. Allah has blessed you with a baby boy, Sherdad. This is a pretty unique name. Who kept this name and why was only this name chosen?

(Smiles) This name was chosen by me and my husband. My husband wanted “SHER” to be in the name of our new born baby and so we both mutually decided to go with “Sherdad”. “Sher” in the local language is a Lion; we associated our baby with it too, in a way.


Q. Sherdad is a different and a beautiful name, what does it mean?

Sherdad means “Gift of the Land”.

Q. How is it being a mother?

It is absolutely an amazing feeling. I feel very happy obviously, and also thankful to Allah for blessing me with a happy life. This stage of life for me is beautiful, this journey has been wonderful.


Q. How do you manage work and family, especially after having a new born baby?

I try to balance my professional and personal life as much as possible. I know my priorities and manage life accordingly. Like everyone else I have a pretty normal life, I love spending time with my family, giving time to my kids and talking to them. Sherdad, I keep with me all the time, everywhere I go, Sherdad is always with me. I do not carry a maid for my boy; I believe I can take care of him alone; he is a very easy going child. He often accompanies me to work. I work while he sleeps. It’s a lot, but I’m thankful I can bring him along because not everyone can do that.

Q. What is your usual routine? 

I try spending as much time as possible with my children and family. They go to school in the morning; I’m usually home at that time, in the afternoon they get back from school. I make sure they all eat well, rest, study etc. In the afternoon I go to my Salon to check how things are and then am back in the evening to spend time with my family and children when they all are fresh and up.


Q. How do you plan to groom your kids?

The brought up these days is questioned a lot. How do you go about it? I believe in working with my children when it’s about their brought up and grooming. Every family has a Good Cop and a Bad Cop. In my family, I am the Bad Cop. I believe discipline come first and then come all the other extracurricular activities. We keep a balance between their studies and fun time. My husband can’t help being friendly with the kids but I keep a hold on them by being strict. I believe it is necessary.


Q. Are you also focusing on our cultural and religious teachings? Is it a part of your parenting method?

How do you make your kids realize the importance of religion? See basically it all depends on the family environment and the people you are surrounded by. I make sure all my kids are well spoken and know their mother tongue. Every Pakistani kid should know Urdu well and should take pride in speaking it. My husband offers Namaz 5 times a day regularly, we keep on telling our kids how important our values and culture is, how beautiful it is. We tell them about our religion and also make sure they learn to offer prayers and follow all other pillars of our beautiful religion. We have kept a balance between real life and spiritual life. We cannot ignore it at any cost.


Q. Even after giving birth to Sherdad, you still look fabulous. How do you do this?

Currently I am focused on nourishing my baby for at least his first 8 months and so I am eating everything that is available. I try eating healthy food and avoid junk food as much as possible. I’m not a tea or coffee lover and so that automatically kills excessive sugar intake. I am currently eating healthy food without any precautions as my baby’s health is dependent on me and he is obviously my first and foremost priority. Even when I’m at work, I eat every time I feel hungry.


Q. Any upcoming projects?

These days I’m focusing on expanding my Salon & Clinic at a national level to offer services in other major cities too. Hoping for the best.