Summer Trends 2015: How to Look and What to Buy


As the sun begins to shine brighter and the flowers start to blossom, you know it’s time to gear up for your wardrobe ladies. We all know how important it is to stay up to date with the latest trends and not be the non-trendy pariah with your old closet.

It is a symbol of popularity and every woman seeks to set the benchmark by being the first one to get their hands on all the latest lawns. To give you a head start on this Summer Trends race, we cooked up some trend recipes for you. Htv got in touch with a designer from Gul Ahmed to know what the summer trends are and what colors to follow this season.

What Exactly is New this Summer?

This year trendsetters and designers finally decided to bring in the short or mid length shirts. Kurti style readymade shirts are really kicking off and have saved the hassle of going to a tailor and wasting not only your time, but dealing with all the stress that comes with it.

Palazzos are making their way back in with their new cigarette pants that give a very contemporary yet fashionable chic look. Pairing these new stylish pants with short kurtis this summer is the way to go.

Even though it is Summer Trends season, it doesn’t stop people from having weddings. Coats and flared out dresses are in for the summer. Coats can be worn for semi-casual occasions or formally because at the end of the day, it’s all about how you want to carry yourself.

Summer Colors

Now that we have gone over some basic information about cuts, lengths and styles, let’s move on to the colors of this summer. Who doesn’t love to be sun-kissed in the summer? Old is gold and so the color gold has made all colors look old. If you’re looking out to bring out some colors of the past this summer, ‘Marsala’ which is a maroon or brownish color, is also being listed as the color of the season.

Like the popular American Comedy TV Show, “Orange is the new black”, the two colors are being worn in great combinations. Considering all these fancy and bright colors, let’s not forget the very hot region we live in called Pakistan. To cool down the weather, pastels such as light blue, coral, rose pink along with few subtle rich colors are also up for choice.

Making the Right Choice

Make sure that you go for styles that suit your skin tone and body type. If you have dark skin, wear colors that compliment your complexion and do not make you look too dark.  If you’re fair, wear colors that blend with your skin tone. As far as cuts and lengths go, you all know what looks best on you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re skinny or chubby, with the right cut, you can make sure you look great just the way you are. But to set a basic rule: long shirts for tall people and mid-sized ones if you’re short.


There are many prints circulating in the market this season. Keep your eyes open for strong floral and French prints. With new advances in technology, there are many kinds of prints available too. Digital Printing has become popular in the recent past and people tend to favor it more that the other embroidery type because of comfort and durability. Digital prints are known not to fade or lose their shape after a few washes, making them the perfect alternative to all previous styles.